70% off Pyrolux Pyrochef Casserole 24cm 4L Blue Only $74 (Save $169) + Delivery @ Happy in Mart


Competitive OZ Price, Never see such big deal on Pyrochef.

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Happy In Mart
Happy In Mart


  • -3

    Aren't these supposed to be red ?

    • Lol no

    • Well it's just copy of Le Creuset design, who make both blue and red/orange for a very long time. I personally have the orange but actually prefer the blue, the colour which my mother has had for over 30 years. I understand red/orange is the original colour, circa 1930s.

  • Op is this made in Whitford USA

    • I don't think any cheap enamel is made outside of china. I'd grab this without a second thought if it was made in the USA!

      • Yeah, made in China according to Google

  • This is a good deal on a quality item.Go for it!

  • +3

    Use code HAPPY for 10% off

  • Thanks OP!
    Just bought!

  • similar item with big w promo

  • Or buy this from Kmart. All these enamel cast iron pots from China look very very similar to me. I bought one from Coles years ago and it's been fantastic. I'd be happy for someone to explain why this one is worth four times the price.

  • Hmm. 20 days later …. item not delivered, and no tracking information :(

    • Hi there,
      I’m the same…
      Almost a month and nothing received…
      I’ve emailed, but no response…

      • +1

        We've only been waiting a week but no contact is a bit concerning.

        Anyone had any luck either getting actual delivery or at least some tracking details?

        • +2

          I followed up with "happy in mart" and I received a response saying that my order had been despatched, and there was a delay in providing my tracking information due to the warehouse being very busy with COVID.

          I told them that I needed the tracking number ASAP or I would file a paypal claim. They didn't provide the tracking number, so I made a paypal claim and got my money refunded pretty much straight away.

          Funnily enough "happy in mart" then said they would contact the warehouse to tell them to "call back the parcel". So, clearly, the item was never actually despatched.

          Up to you what you want to do, of course, but I am glad I disputed and got the refund, given the story I got told.