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$7 off $15+ Non-Cash Orders from "Delivered by Restaurant" Venues (Pick-up or Delivery) @ Menulog


Between 4pm & 7pm, delivery to be made by restaurant & Not valid with orders from GYG, Grill'd, Hungry Jack's, KFC, McDonald's, Subway. 1 redemption per customer.

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  • Drunken Noodles sorted for dinner $15.95 down to $8.95 cheers OP !!

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      what about delivery+service costs?

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        Pick up + no service free.

      • I pick it up it's 4 mins away totally worth driving to get it

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    2FKH-NGUW for SA

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    Thanks OP

    $11 delivered Pizza + Garlic bread + Can of coke

    Dinner sorted :)

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    Each day I try to control my diet and these deals keep coming up.it’s just too good to pass,
    Thanks Op! Guess the healthy diet has to wait for some other day.

    • No excuse! I get a roast charcoal chicken from my local chicken shop and a small salad or sauce for $15~, perfectly healthy. 👍

  • where do you enter the code? can't seem to find it?
    I'm almost at payment screen

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      If you have a voucher code, you can easily redeem this via the Menulog App or the website upon checkout, once you have finalised your basket. Click on 'I have a voucher code' on the payment page and enter your voucher code in the space provided. Click on 'Apply' to redeem your voucher.

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      it is on payment screen

      choose your payment option, there will be a kickass button saying "I have a voucher"

      good luck

  • most places in my area have minimum $600 spend for free delivery lol and im 25 minutes from the CBD

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      $600 worth of pizza

      I don't have a problem with that

  • i only use this for dominos. really good especially when the delivery is $1.99 (not sure if they still offer this)

    pretty much $5 off dominos snacks (oven baked chips, cheesey garlic breads, etc)

  • Nothing seems to work for me at 2114. Tried Burgers on Broadway, Chubby Burgers, local kebab store, etc. Price is over $15 before delivery for all tests.

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      Need to select a Delivered by Restaurant option. I find it easiest to search on website (rather than app) and filter/select "Restaurant Delivery"

  • Thanks OP. Worked for me at 2153.

  • As usual, I start cooking when I learn about this

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    Yes the code worked. However we ordered for 6pm delivery. Meal never arrived. Rang the store and the order was allegedly never received. Is this common with Menulog?

    • Do you remember if your order status updated from something like 'Awaiting confirmation from restaurant' to 'Confirmed'? I believe someone from the restaurant has to manually confirm and accept the order from Menulog for the status to update to 'Confirm'. If it was just always 'Awaiting confirmation from restaurant' then yes the restaurant didn't receive/accept the order due whatever reason.

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    Boneless Korean chicken with chips for $7 lets gooooooooo.

    • That's cheap! Most Korean chicken places are quite expensive.

  • Both codes work!?
    Pizza from essendon $22
    Dumplings from niddrie $27.9
    Judgement from missus… Priceless

  • I had this yesterday…. a local nepalise place I use has free delivery (by restaurant) and 20% off if I order over $25 of food. I ordered some pork dumplings, a chicken tikka curry and rice and got it delivered for about $17.50. Bargain!