Kogan First - Is it worth it?

I would like your opinion!

Is it worth paying AU$49 per year to have Kogan First?

Besides the free shipping, the discounts on products compensate?


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    Kogan -> run away!

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    No. I probably wouldn't use it if was free.
    Terrible customer service and dodgy practices

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    If you are lucky enough to not have any issues with goods purchased from Kogan and are a regular shopper it may be worth it.

    However it only takes a couple of issues and finding out that getting customer service is like banging your head on a brick wall to realise that buying anything from Kogan isn't worth the ensuing headache, no matter how cheap (and nasty) it is.

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    Nah. If you want to throw your money away, you can just Beem it to me instead jeez

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    It’s called Kogan first because you’ll be the 1st member

  • Not worth it over ebay plus for the same price, less if you get an incentive

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    Free membership if you have Kogan Money Black credit card.

    • -1

      Is interest free??? If so congratulations on the free membership, otherwise you got screwed.

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        It is similar to Coles CC, or the new Paypal CC. Up to 55 days interest free.

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    got it with the kogan black card.
    zero use otherwise.

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    Like eBay plus. Avoid. Waste of money and reallynothing worth the subscription.
    Put that $49 into Amazon Prime. So much better value!

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      Ebay plus is great when you buy it and they give you a $50 voucher.

    • $49??? Thought it was $59??

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        It is, just saying put the $49 towards Amazon Prime instead.

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      Maybe one day there'll be a class action lawsuit against junk subscriptions like the banks/car dealers and their fees for no service/junk insurance :D

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      Yeah, prime is almost worth it for the TV, but you get music and free delivery as well. Much better value.

    • True but you can easily make your $49 back from the gift card when you threaten to unsubscribe and couple of discount on deals like $99 air pods 2 before

  • I always will have an order that goes double the fee of the membership .
    Of course its worth it .

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    no its kogan nuff said

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    Don't support a dodgy company notorious for cheap rebranded junk or grey market imports without disclosure, lack of decent customer service and poor practises like price jacking. Not to mention being sued/fined several times and labelled as shonky by Choice.

    • Haven't you been riding the success of the Company via the share market m8 hehe ?

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      Shorting kogan shares nice!

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    kogan free + Panadol

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    It's well worth it if you won lotto as then you would have more money than you need.

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      Even if you're rich it's not worth it. You just wouldn't feel as bad being ripped of $49

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    I've actually found it pretty good so far but probably different opinion from a lot of others

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    Kogan First, Second or Third..

    Just run.

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    It sucks. I remember choosing to pay for a month to get a cheaper price on an item and it ended up charging me for a yearly membership. I contacted their support and they essentially just said tough luck, no refunds.

    • SNAFU…..

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    Kogan is the worst, don't buy from them.

  • Worth it if you get it for free with their Credit Card and $400.

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    I bought a pair of Converse canvas sneakers recently from Kogan for $70. They are unwearable as they are too tight. Yet I am a size 8 and don't have big feet. Yesterday I was at KMart and bought a pair of $10 canvas sneakers that fitted so much better than the Converse and were noticeably broader across the "ball width". I can't return the Kogan junk as I had to put them on to see how they fitted in real life.

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      As much as I dislike Kogan, this is not their problem though. I have tried shoes on with tags and returned them without issue, not sure what you did.

      • I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that.

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          Why? It’s the same as trying on shoes at the store. Unless you rip up the box and absolutely trash the shoes….

          • @Pidapipo: True. But I did try them on at home without socks on. My bad.

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    I am surprised they are still in bussiness when everyone hates them.

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    Kogan the bogan..should be their slogan

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      Terry wogan reported Hulk Hogan fought Joe Rogan over the movie Logan.

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    Not at all - most of the stuff they sell can be found elsewhere cheaper. For the odd thing which they do have cheaper than anyone else, I've just registered a new account with them and taken the free 14-day Kogan First trial to get whatever discount / free shipping applies with it, then ensured I cancel the service before I'm charged with the monthly fee.

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  • Sign up for the credit card. No annual fee and free kogan membership.

  • Ruslan usually reads these posts, be interesting if he responds lol

  • no way… its not worth at all… dont even think about it

  • If we all subscribe to Kogan First it will help Ruslan with his Monash University HECS debt. As only the second most successful businessman in his class, he needs the help.

    • Better to phrase it for what it is - debt to the Australian Tax Office

  • It'll also help to pay all the fines from breaching Australian Consumer Law, spamming, price jacking, & deceptive practices (not paying consumers the 10% discount promised).

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    Well i forgot to cancel after trial and bastards extended a year. so… I think half the subscribers are suckered in like that

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    Some of their products are really good like their steam mop, cheaper then Bunnings, they do put effort into the build quality, however I cannot speak for their spam sales to phones.

    But it's a business.

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    Their customer service have an attitude problem. I wouldn't buy anything from them.

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    Unless they are paying you just stay away from Kogan. Would have to be an unbelievably good deal for me to buy from those dodgy buggers for anything.