BlitzWolf BW-OLT6 4 Head Solar Sensor Wall Light US$24.99 (~A$34.33) Delivered @ Banggood


Note: Expected to ship on or before the 25th of October.

Same price as the previous popular deal.

Model BW-OLT6
Material PC+ABS
Solar Panel DC5.5V/1.265W
LED 214Pcs SMD2835
Color Temperature 6500K
Brightness 450lm
Sensing Mode Light & PIR Sensor
Sensing Angle 120°
Sensing Range 5-7m
Battery Capacity 3.7V/2400mAh
Waterproof IP65
Working Temperature 0~45℃

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  • +8

    Previous deal has an awful lot of reports of people receiving theirs with broken joints and support being hard to deal with.

    • +1

      If you receive a faulty item, demand a replacement or full refund same as what Poor from OzBargains & jamba did in the previous deal.

      • +1

        My replacement one says estimated to ship before 25 October.

        • +1

          After reading your comment I noticed this deal has the same estimated shipping date, so they must be waiting on stock. Hopefully this new batch is packed a lot better :)

          • @adr8: I don't think the packaging was the issue. Mine was packed securely between foam padding that's cut to shape inside the cardboard box but the box itself was just inside a thin plastic postage bag.

            I think the issue is with the actual plastic material of the arms and swivels. It's meant to be hard wearing plastic but it seems to be of weak quality and cracks very easily so be very careful when you adjust/bend the arms to your ideal positions. My advice is to loosen the screws a little first to reduce the pivoting resistance.

            Anyhow, I super glued the cracks in my broken swivel arms and loosened the swivel screws so it works fine now. Basically got it for free with the refund (minus cost of glue, a trip the shops to buy the glue and then the actual labour and getting glue stuck on fingers).

            The lights are very bright so I'm happy about that aspect. Would have been very happy with the light if it didn't arrive broken and the quality issues. I wouldn't buy again simply for the frustration of having to deal with repairing it.

    • +3

      That's why you should never deal with bangood they are hopeless with support or warranty of any kind there's hundreds if not thousands of bad reviews all over the internet just don't deal with them I'm speaking from experience.

    • one of mine was broken as well and the communication with banggood is very frustrated. I have to open paypal dispute and they still dragging their feet responding.

    • yeah mine arrived broken too, its comes in a postage bag with no padding, what did they expect. I couldnt be bothered dealing with them. buyer beware.

  • never had luck with battery powered security lights lasting more than a few mths… but will give these BlitzWolf ones a go! 🤞

  • I bought 2 x Blitzwolf BW-OLT1 Solar Power 62 LED PIR Motion Sensor and they're still going strong after 1.5 years usage.

    I do recall the boxes were quite battered when they got here.
    It's like they pick it up then drop kick it into the shipping container.

    I think this one will surely arrive damaged as it has multiple moving parts.

    • I would prefer the one you got with zero moving parts, and it would be much easier to dust the cobwebs off too.

      • Yep, less moveable parts = less that could go wrong.

        The performance (brightness) of the LED's will dim somewhat after 2-3 days of overcast/rainy weather.
        Once the sun comes out (it's mounted on the NW aspect), it's back to full charge/brightness that evening.

        I don't even wipe the dust off it.

      • BW-OLT1 $19.69 delivered, dispatched from AU warehouse