20L Motor Oil Bottles. How to Pour

For the last few years I've been purchasing 5L bottles of motor oil. This year with the new ACEA specifications the motor oil that I've been using has been reformulated to A7/B7 and dropping a spec that was applicable to me.

Anyway I can still get the spec I need from European blenders, but it only comes in 20L.

20L is no issue, it's about 3 years worth. But my issue is how to measure the right amount.

I've thought about keeping an oil 5L bottle and using that. But there is the contamination from the another blend. I could add a 100mls and shake it and rinse it out twice.

Another option was HDPE 5L water bottles which I empty and dry out over weeks.

The other option is try to pour from a 20l bottle, which I don't really want as I risk overfilling.

I also don't like the idea of a oil pump, thats just more expense and crap I don't need.

Which got me thinking, is there something I'm missing. How do people do this.


    • I looked at that, but the thought of cleaning it would be a pain. Leaving oil in there would be a magnet for dust and contamination the next time I use it.

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    Do you really think the 20ml left in the old bottle is going to do any harm? It's all oil, I wouldn't stress.

    Get the pump that goes into the drum for ease of use.

    • The issue is if your try to pour out any water settled inside the container will come along.

      If you use a pump, it's fine.

      • If you keep it out of the rain, it won't be an issue.

    • Exactly what I was thinking; 20mls if that, and its the same A5/B5.

      So far this is my best bet and requires no spend.

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    • Cultural appropriation - reported to the thought police.

    • So what do you do if you want 8L, you go back and pour 8 times. Guess it's charged by the hour so who cares ay…lol

      Do you have different bottles for different blends, weights etc or you don't bother. Genuinely interested.

      Cleaning might be an issue and dust falling in there considering I would use it once every 9 months.

      • I must admit that having to go back and forth can be a bit of a pain to keep track of but it works so oh well. All sorts of different oils in use and as long as you let the majority drain when you put the last litre in there is only a little bit mixing into the next lot. Majority of cars generally take all sorts of oils so there isn't a need to worry IMO. Also it comes with a cap so you don't need to worry about dust.

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    If you leave it inverted to drain, the contamination from using an old 5l bottle is going to be like 5ml in 5l and is going to continue to reduce over time ie not worth worrying about.

    • That's a bloody good idea!

  • Aren't the markings on the oil bottle that indicate the level? There are on my 20L bottles.

    • Maybe, but the though of me picking up 20l while extended over an engine bay doesn't fill me with confidence

      • I understand. It's a bit of a hassle and awkward doing the oil on my lifted Pajero. Can you get someone to hold a funnel for you? My bottles now come with an attachable spout which makes it easier. Otherwise as others have mentioned just use a measuring jug.

  • I just used a cheap plastic measuring jug from kmart. It's not a super exact science. Just don't overfill, then check the dipstick, add 100ml, check again etc. Not that hard.

    • Hmmmm, maybe that will work, a Kmart jug.

      Changing the oil isn't the problem, been doing it since I was a teen, but using 4L to 6L bottles. Just these 20L ones I wanted ideas on.

  • A drum tap and a measuring jug… NEXT…

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    Why do you need to measure? Pour some in, check dipstick.

    • Unlike some cars my dipstick is very difficult to read, and it easily smudges while removing it. I use a combination of dipstick, measurement in litres, and the % valve I get from the ECU. All of which have varied levels of accuracy.

      The dipstick is the most reliable, but I need to let it settle for hours and only remove it once. That way I get a clear level line on both sides.

      I generally just put in 5L and do the 0.XL based on the dipstick.

  • I put my oil in a 5l Jerry can you can buy 5l black oil jerry cans. Then put it back in shed empty with just residue/left overs

    repco/super cheap auto sells 1l plastic pour bottles which i use on the motorcycles

    If it really mattered you could measure the weight of the oil it shouldn't be hard to find its weight.

    But i always measure it via dipstick

    • Yep, the dipstick level is final, but the volume is there to get me to 90% without the issues of overfill.

  • Most 20l bottles come with a bung to put a tap in like a camping water bottle.

  • https://sydneytools.com.au/product/lubemate-l-dp20j-20l-plas...

    Looks like SCA and Repco have similar, but at a higher cost ($70)