nbn Box Unable to Connect with Phone Wire FTTC

Hi there, I cannot seem to get the NBN box connected to my new (moving into an existing) house - FTTC. I am in Minto NSW.

I have signed up to Belong NBN. They have sent me the NBN box and modem. I plugged the NBN box to two Phone connectors in my house (It is the old ones 605). It does not connect/ does not work for both.

Belong told me to call an electrician to update the outlet & fix the line.

I called an electrician who tested the line. There is no voltage. He checked the pit and confirmed there is a copper telephone line heading to my street. He is unable to activate the phone line. He cannot do anything else.

I let Belong know and they sent the same message again "Contact a local electrician to update the outlet and fix the line".

What should I do next?


  • that sounds strange. belong should be booking an appointment for an nbn technician to come to your house, not telling you to contact an electrician

  • Go one month with Aussie BB, explain that electrician has checked connection to pit and nbn visit has to be made, then after a month switch back to Belong

    • I might have to cancel Belong and switch over. They don't seem to want to send a NBN technician out..

  • Can you get a dial tone if you plug a phone in? If so, the line's connected and plugging the NBN box in should automatically cut it. If not, and there's no connection (which lights are lit up on the FTTC box?), then get Belong to raise a line fault with NBN. Push hard. And use Facebook Messenger to communicate to get Australian tech support rather than OS script monkeys…

    Also you should get one of the phone points disconnected because that can prevent a connection occurring.

    • VDSL does not have a dial tone. VDSL is purely for digital data and the voice feature is done using VOIP.
      This method worked only we were back in ADSL/ADSL2 days.

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        bjdchwr, you clearly don't understand how FTTC works.

        If the line is working and connected, plugging in the NBN modem triggers a relay in the DPU that cuts the POTS line and activates the VDSL. Unplugging the modem switches the relay off in the DPU and restores the dial tone.

        If there's no dial tone on the line at all, it means the line is not connected and the OP should be raising a line fault with Belong…

    • I dont have a phone to test it. On the NBN box the power light is on and the connection light just keep on blinking. It does not go beyond that.
      The house is a duplex, the guy next door said he had to haggle with tpg for a month for a guy to go flick a switch somewhere down the block.

      • That means that the NCD (NBN box) isn't connecting successfully to the DPU (box in the street). You definitely need to pester Belong to get an NBN technician sent out (they'll be reluctant to do so because of the incorrect callout fee if no fault is found).

  • It sounds like the copper line from the curb to your house is damaged which means you need to repair/replace it. This could be very expensive.

    What I suggest you to do is request/demand your RSP to send in an NBN Co technician for the installation. Tell them you don't know what to do and you need onsite help and not remote activation. If the line can't be connected, the technician should assess the line for you free of charge rather than you paying hundreds of dollars for an electrician.

    If this is your new house you are responsible to arrange and pay for the new cabling. If you are renting you should report the line fault to your REA to have it repaired/replaced at the landlord's expense.

    • This house was recently purchased. It is not new. The duplex next door said he had to haggle tpg to send a guy to flick a switch somewhere down the street to get it to work. He had to haggle for a month to get it to happen.

      Is there a switch somewhere that turns off the line if people deactivate their phone line?

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        That's why you need to haggle your RSP to send an NBN Co technician in to investigate the issue for free. The NBN Co technician can check where the problem is, either it's on the street or within your land.

  • Did you get an Electrician or a cabler?

    If you are in Sydney, PM me and I will give you a contact of someone who will find the issue for you.

    NBN does not look after lead in cables. You may need to run a new cable if it is damaged or if you are lucky you may have a spare copper pair.

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      Actually it is nbn's responsibility to get the existing lead-in cable working or install a new lead-in cable.

      • They would only troubleshoot existing active services, for new service connections they will expect the lead in cable to be in place. They will not run it.

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          If the troubleshooting fails and the lead-in cable needs to be replaced nbn will send out another team to do it.

          Any customer cabling beyond the first network boundary point is the job of a registered cabler.