Running Shoe Recommendations - 5-10KM Runs

Hey OzBargain family!

Just seeing if anyone has any recommendations/advice on some running shoes.

I run about 4-5 times a week.
Two 40 minute 10km runs, Two 15-20 minute 5km runs, One light 10-15km run.

I don't have the best experience in shoes and I have been running on Ultraboosts OG. I know, they suck for fast paced running. I didn't know any better 4 years ago and just have never upgraded.

Looking for two shoes, one for the training/tempo runs and one for pushing my PB times.

I ordered a Nike Pegasus 38 as it was on sale for around $110. I figured I'd use these as the long easy runs.
I was also looking at Nike Tempo Next% as I've tried them before and I can grab a pair for $150.
I would like to test some Saucony/Hoka in store but being in NSW makes it tough.

If anyone has any advice/inputs/recommendations on some solid fast running shoes, let me know!


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    Jeez you're quick.

    I bought p38 and not really happy with them. Came from p35 turbo and definitely prefer those

    • Haha thanks.
      What didn't you like about the 38's? I wish they kept the Pegasus Turbo line. Everyone raved on them

      • I'm not a shoe expert but just feel a bit flat? I find I'm getting more calf soreness with them than the p35t's

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    I've found New Balance 1400's to be okay for some quicker stuff up to a half marathon. Although if you're doing 4 runs a week at around 4min/km you're above my pace

    Main thing is they're lighter, but mine are a few years old and only get pulled on for the odd race so not carbon plates. Not sure what the current equivalent would be

    I've heard good things about Saucony Endorphin Pro

    • Any durability issues with them? I have a few friends with the Endorphin Pro's but they all say durability is severly lacking as it's a race intended shoe.

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    I use ascics kayano (or however it’s spelled).

    Its important to get the right shoes for YOUR feet.

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    You're running a 40 min 10km and sub 20 5km and you need advice on running shoes!?

    You're a fast runner mate and you should know that everyone is different, the perfect runners for one person can be awful for someone else.

    You really need to go into a proper running shoe shop where they get you on a treadmill and assess your feet.

    As that's not currently possible due to lockdown I would hold on until shops open, you don't want to drop a few hundred dollars on next% only to find they're not right for you.

    • Yes I do need advice.. I've done a tonne of research and I know I need to get it assessed properly.

      But my current shoes are broken and I'm not just going to not run for a month and wait to get tested.

      I'm asking for advice to buy 2-3 options and return the ones that do not fit properly. Then when lockdown is over I will head into a proper store to get it fully checked out.

      • At the very least ensure you are adhering to your arch type, very easy to find out your arch type at home (wet footprint), then pick a shoe that suits.

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    Humble brag, for both your pace & able to get a pair of Tempo Next% for $150 :)

    I usually run New Balance — at your pace & your previous shoes preferences I'll probably go with

    • New Balance Fresh Foarm 1080 v10/11 for easy pace
    • New Balance FuelCell Rebel 2 for daily training, FuelCell TC if you want a plate

    At the end of the day it all depends on the fit and what's comfortable to you.

    • Hehehe. They are on sale at Nike and I have a coupon code to bring it down further!

      How do you find the Rebel? A lot of good reviews on that one. Defs one on my shortlist

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        I’ve got these NB in my rotation:

        Easy days/long runs: 1080
        Tempo/Speed: Rebel
        Race Day/PB: RC Elite

        All great shoes!

    • hey scotty,

      I really like 1080's and am looking out for a deal as I need to refresh my daily runners.

      As a NB fan, I'm curious to know if you ever tried the FuelCell Echo.

      I've just been surprised by how good they are for a relatively cheap shoe!

      • Yeah I would love to score a pair of cheap 1080 as well. As of FC Echo, I have friends on strava wearing those and run at respectable pace. It does look like a lifestyle shoes to me though.

  • No one suggesting anko?

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    If you are size 10 then fuel cell echo from

    They are also on the newbalance website for a bit more.

    I've always just run with daily trainers for all my runs (daily runs, speed work, racing).

    I got the fuel cell echo for $60 and I'm surprised at how good they are. Ideal for speed work. I've really enjoyed it for intervals and tempo work.

    Obviously they are not going to be as good as dedicated racing shoes but they are relatively light and bouncy and would be definitely better than running in your daily trainers for races.

    What's your 5k PR? :) (15-20 is a huge range)

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      Maybe I might grab a pair to use in the meantime seeing as the prices are decent. Hows the support and energy return on them? Springy?

      5K PR is 15:46. I get quite a high variance due to road running and there being a lot of traffic around the times I run. So dependant on crossings, traffic lights etc, it can vary up to 19ish minutes. But when there's no traffic I usually range in the 16s. 15:46 was at around 8pm when there was no one around.

      • You should head to a track and try to crack sub 15!

        • One day! I seriously have not managed to beat 15:46 for almost a year. That being said road running has too many variables and elevations.

          To be fair Ultraboosts is not doing me any help. I'm even surprised I've managed to get 15's with UB's. My feet do get sore after though

      • Wow thats fast! You must be really fit and have good genes 😁

        Im no shoe expert have always gone for cheapest which keeps me injury free.

        But i find the echo is more springy than standard trainers. I feel lighter on my feet with it and enjoy runing in it. Theres not much support around the ankles compared to other shoes.

        P.s. you should run a race or do a park run. Youd probably easily win most local park runs but a 5k race might help you go sub 15.

        My 5k pr is 19.06 so not in a position to advise you haha but i reckon with structures training and running with other fast people you could be going sub 15 and hitting some crazy fast times

        • Long legs! That's what I call it!

          Thanks for the info on the shoes. I'll look into it.

          I've thought and considered park runs. However mentally I don't like comparing myself to others/running with others. Not sure why, definately a psychological thing. I've always preferred to push myself, by myself.

          Oh 19's is still great! But I do agree that in order to improve it's good to run with other people to set the pace, etc.. Just gotta overcome the mental aspect

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        5K PR is 15:46

        Strava or it didn't happen :)

        Seriously 5K road running at 15:46 gives you 81.5% age grading, assuming you are ~25yo (as you were driving a turbo charged vehicle 4 years ago). At 81.5% age grading gives you marathon prediction of around 2hr30min, and probably fast enough to win your local park run event each week.

        And you were running in Ultraboost OG, and came here to ask for shoes advice?!!

        • The way you estimated age made laugh :D

        • Hahaha good ol strava haha. Don't use it anymore. Pretty much just use my Garmin to track

          Bang on! I just turned 25, and I happily got my Golf R as it was my top option in that thread hehe.

          I do tend to fall drastically after 20km… I can keep a consistent pace for around 15 and then I struggle. Never really trained to go for a full. Defs on the bucket list one day. I just don't really have the time for it due to work.

          Haha I did ask reddit for a few options but as a true OzBargainer you gotta ask OzB for help when needed.

  • Thanks for the help everyone. Ordered a few shoes to test!

    Nike Tempo Next%
    Asics Magic Speed
    Saucony Endorphin Speed 2
    NB Rebel V2

    All of them have a 30-60 day no questions asked return period.
    Hopefully one of these nails the fit of my foot.

    Once lockdown is over I'll head into a store to get my foot assessed properly and see what they think. In the meantime, I can keep running!

  • @tempestwitch you can/should shave down your 5K PB down, if you're in the 15" bracket! (I'm +25yr of dissolution and trying to get to 17:59 in a parkrun).

    Good purchases there. I've run ~900k each in two pairs of Nike Tempo Next% (w. two more pairs that cost ~189ea; $150's amazing).

    Since most of us are slower, older and have more shoe testing experience:
    1. Get some Nike Vaporfly to annihilate your PB
    2. NB Rebel 2 is so light and bouncy, you'll likely love the weight and your improved time
    3. Everyone who reviews shoes rates the Endorphin Speed as a super versatile trainer that can also race.

    If you're a common size you may be able to borrow someone's Valorfly 4% or Next%/Next%2 to see if it's an upgrade (over Tempo next%; a do it all race shoe).

    • Surely if I get some Vaporfly's I can hit it! The only thing for me is before I nail the perfect race shoe, I want to get it perfectly fitted by a pro. Vaporfly or Alphafly would be nice but I want them to be the perfect racing paid so I'm trying to hold off until I'm out of lockdown.

      Most shoes arrive this week so hopefully those Tempo's do great at faster paces.

      I do like the idea of having a rotation of 3 shoes. I think it may end up being those three shoes!

      Will keep everyone posted to see what I think of the shoes.

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