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Up to 55% off Nivea Products (Extra 10% off with S&S) Roll Ons $1.71, Deodorants $2.97 + Delivery ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon


Seems to be quite a few products at 55% off. Pick some up to make your skin perfect for the end of lockdown.

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  • I am using L'Oreal Men's which isn't bad. What are you guys using? :)

    • Nivea feels having more alcohol and dries up my skin. Prefer something milder and natural.

  • Got me some of the Nivea cream in a tin. Seems to be quite popular. Thanks OP

    • I find it to have a bit too much of a greasy feeling for me personally

      • I like the white jar one. Rubs in nicely, no greasy feel

        • Do you have a link? Can’t remember seeing any white jar.

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    The lip balm is an excellent price at $1.61 via S&S. My son is on roacataine and goes through a tube of this every month or less in summer.

    Nivea Lip Balm

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      Poor kid.

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      It's also $4 at Colesworths, so this is nice.

    • Yeah definitly doesn't hurt to have a few spair, would probably buy 20 of them in your scenario if he's finding the Nivea stuff good. Would be a horrible feeling for him the odd time he runs out/forgets to take it with him. Personally find the QV stuff really good and less drying than carmex (as nice as it is) but its pretty pricy.

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    Quite honestly, half price deodorants are becoming my new Eneloops

  • Not a huge fan of the range but the spf15 sensitive moisturiser is a summer staple for me

  • what's good for men, i want to look handsome.

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      Be careful with your choice of parents,

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      Try plastic surgery

    • spf15 moisturizer is great

      after shave lotion (the black one) has alcohol in it but doesn't burn

      repair hand creme is great if you work a lot with your hands like not a brewery executive or salesmen the chatty bastards

  • how do we find out the expiry date on these products?

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      nivea usually has long expiry dates

  • Any sunscreen suggestion? I am allergic to most sunscreens even the derma ones. I don't know what it is in sunscreen that irritates my face where it gets very red and feels like burning.

  • Maybe it's sunburn

    • Maybe it's maybelline