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$45 off First Order ($100 Minimum Spend) + Delivery @ Dinner Ladies


Fabulous food for your freezer!

Use the code YUMSA45 at checkout to get $45 off your first order

Just found this can be stacked with referrals for a total of $70 off!!

Offer valid for new customers, one-time only, must be redeemed by 30 September 2021

Min $100 spend on food


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$25 off for referee. $10 credit for referrer.

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  • Decent discount but still seems expensive. $15 delivery fee, $100 minimum spend, will work out to be about $70-$80 for 2-3 family meals after the discount (depending what you choose) and rice/pasta etc doesn’t look to be included. Would be interested to hear what others think. Eg is the small really enough for 2 people?

    • The large beef lasagna says 'if you're feeding hungry teenagers add some pieces of crispy sourdough'. This is on top of 'serve with a garden salad on the side'.

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        Yep, this definitely seems like it would just be to enjoy the food not a budget option. Seems with most things you still have to add sides. Still a little tempted though…

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      Interestingly it's equivalent to get $200 of food + free shipping - comes out to $140 ($200 food) as opposed to $70 ($100 food).

      I haven't tried the food but personally, I'd say it isn't worth it? Granted I'm basically looking at the food, half-ing the price and comparing to doing it myself and take-away. Like chicken schnitzel - $25 for 4 pieces so like $13? I could get fresh for ~$9 and do it myself or probably pay like $15-20 for the same delivered/menulog etc.

      • I agree, our local Italian, Vietnamese restaurants etc would work out to cost similar and it’s all cooked ready to go. But I guess there’s the convenience of having it in and different options. I definitely wouldn’t get something like ricotta and spinach cannelloni, bolognese as Woolworths does really good ready meal versions of these for much less. I’m considering giving it a go one off though as I do like variety and having things on hand.

  • I'm getting $10 delivery and $75 minimum (Excluding delivery) to Sydney … still seems expensive.

    • Yeah $15 is for Gold Coast

      • $15 to Adelaide too

  • I've just placed my first order so can't comment myself. My friend said the portion sizes are quite modest so a small size is enough for a family of 3

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    Dinner ladies isn't cheap, but I'd place their offerings several rungs above the quality you'll find with ready meals at the supermarket. For anyone looking to maximise portion sizes/value from this offer, I'd recommend loading up on the small size lasagne (both beef and spinach/ricotta are great). These are both a decent size and IMO are very reasonably priced for the quality when you factor in the saving. Also, the soups that cost around $6 - $7 (minestrone etc) are solid sizes for 2 pax and taste pretty good.

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    Can also stack with referral codes for $70 off. I've updated the post

    • Okay - that makes this definitely worthwhile.

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      Thanks OP, just made an order.

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    Great TV show, wish there was more than two series

  • Thanks, 4 small lasagne delivered for $8.00 seems ok