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Pay by Klarna and Get $50 off ($60 Minimum Order Including Delivery) @ Umart


First 200 people using the code
Get in quick!
Not sure about minimum spend

Mod: Minimum order including shipping will need to be $60+, as the minimum payment amount on Klarna is $10.

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    Looks like no minimum spend

    They will also perform a credit check

    • $10 minimum it seems.

  • Damn, I was thinking of getting a 980 1TB SSD but I've already spent my pocket money this week. Guess the extra PS5 games will have to wait.

  • Minimum spend for Klarna is $10

  • Does not work for me, says coupon invalid.

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      Select Klarna as your payment method - Enjoy!

      • Thanks, "Sorry, we can't complete this purchase
        Please choose a different payment option."

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          Still works fine for me.

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            @Buy2Much: The chosen payment processor is currently down. Please wait and try again later or select a different payment method at checkout!

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    I swore I would never use Klarna… Oh well, there goes the credit rating. #YOLO

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    Just bought Seagate 2TB Backup Plus Slim USB 3.0 Portable External HDD - Blue for $37, including $8 shipping fee

    • ty

    • Yeah same, not bad for $29 pickup.

      Thanks OP.

  • Just bought a Crucial 256gb NVME SSD for $10 delivered! Thanks OP!

  • thanks op

  • Nice, just bought a 1TB internal SSD for $63 :P

  • +1

    NVidia Shield @ $229 - $50 is a good deal.

  • I was p*ssed when I saw a ping on my credit file after taking advantage of a Klarna deal a few weeks ago and decided then I would never use them again. However, this is a deal worth taking advantage of in my case because I've been hunting for a (working) device to allow extra storage (with ethernet as a bonus) for my GoogleTV but wasn't happy paying $25+. With this deal I got https://www.umart.com.au/Simplecom-USB-C-SuperSpeed-8-in-1-M... plus a 64GB sdcard to take it up to the minimum of $10 required after discount. Never again starting … now.

    • Credit file ruined

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        Why is this? They do a credit check to ensure they can continue to take payment. Whats the issue i'm missing?

        • Nah I was just joking to @TheSnyper as they ping his/her credit file

          Yeah they do a credit check 100%

        • I've been bad with money most of my life except for the last few years. I'm unable to work as I'm a full-time carer for my partner and one of my children so I don't have much opportunity to save. I'd like to be able to take advantage of a loan if I need to in an emergency situation which means I don't want anything to affect my credit score. I've managed to get it up to 814 and would like it to stay there. Pinging my report seems to have a negative effect on this number.

    • Yeah, you have 3 months to take advantage of the service before they need to hit your credit rating again, so you have another 2 months of deal spotting available.

      • Sorry can you please explain how it works. I am feeling an instant regret after this deal. What should I do now.. I don't want my credit score ruined

      • I just made a purchased and paid it all off, will that continue to affect my credit rating?

        • How did you pay it all off?
          Edit: Don't worry, just did the same myself!

        • I did exactly same. Now I am thinking of cancelling my klarna account.

          • @sedi: Don’t cancel it. You’ll have done the credit check for 1 deal. Get a bit more use out of it before you cancel it with other Klarna discounts.

            Klarna used to do a credit check once every 90 days. If you don’t use it again after 90 days then no further credit checks will be applied. However someone above said this credit check is now only performed once a year.

            • @Master Bates: Thanks. I got your point.

              • @sedi: Why is everyone against credit checks? I'm not fussed myself tbh, am i missing something here?

                • @SquattingTiger: It can affect your borrowing power or the ability to borrow at all in some cases if you're seen to have constant checks on your file.

                  • @ItsJonesy777: As long as the checks come out good there shouldn't be a problem i would have thought?

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                      @SquattingTiger: Too many credit applications (regardless of outcome) can pose you as being a risk and it can impact your credit score, which a lot of lenders take into account.

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                  @SquattingTiger: I learnt it the hard way. Banks are reluctant to give loans if you have too many credit checks or credit lines. In the past, I was ignorant and didn't consider these services as credit lines but I was wrong. It became clear when bank slashed my borrowing power significantly just because of these Afterpay services.

                  • @sedi: Wow yeah okay, i suppose they take into account that if you can't pay it off immediately there might be an issue with your finances… makes sense

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                      @SquattingTiger: They take into account that if you use those credit lines, will you be able to pay those, plus the loan/mortgage you're applying for. Also too many credit applications may give an impression that you love to spend money that's not yours. I would suggest get a credit report to confirm you are aware of all the credit providers you're using. I have seen people discovering someone had applied stolen their identity to get credit. A credit report will reveal any such thing.

                      • @sedi: @SquattingTiger: My take on it was if you can show the bank the savings you made by taking this deal on (as opposed to buying outright) then they should understand why it was done.

                        I only just refinanced before I used Klara for the 5600x deal … so won’t know for a while if it is an issue for me or not.

                        • @CY: Haha thats a good idea.

                          • @sedi: I sent a message to their online chat to cancel and got confirmation account closed within an hour.

  • not working

  • +1

    Yyyyeah, don't know if I'm happy to sell my credit rating for $50 (open to rebuttal if my hot take is off though).

  • Doesnt seem to be working

  • Razer Orochi V2 for $53, no brainer :P

  • Not working for me!

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    $50 for a credit check…. pass!!!

  • Needs credit checks

  • Got a SteelSeries Arctis 1 headset for $19

    Thanks OP

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    Cheers OP !
    Managed to grab a Samsung 1TB 980 PRO M.2 NVMe SSD for my PS5 for just $208 (with shipping)

    • +3

      Should have a $40 Steam voucher via redemption too.

  • Thanks so much. I bought an ssd for 10 dollars.

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    Says code has been redeemed. Expired?

  • Hmmm, I selected Klarna Pay at checkout, entered the code, selected Google Pay - the price still showed $29 off ($29 item), checked out [with GPAY] and was charged the full amount.
    How does one cancel a Umart order? Looks like I can only email

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    • Order had to be min $60 with shipping

      • Well, I was able to use it on a $29 item. How? No idea

    • Same thing with me. I called them to cancel.

  • Took too long to make up my mind on which unnecessary PC upgrade to buy and looks like I missed out - Code has been redeemed.

  • Seems like code has already been redeemed by 200 people!

  • All 200 redeemed in 45 minutes?
    Oh well… saved myself from a credit check

  • 200 x $50 promo over in 40 minutes.

    • Surprising because within the first 5 minutes there were already 280 Clicks

      • Most people probably didn't proceed due to the credit check.

  • Cheers OP!!

  • just purchased was still working

  • https://www.umart.com.au/Seagate-Barracuda-1TB-ST1000LM048-2...

    got this one for 20 bucks, intented to turn my old laptop to a budget NAS. Not will be used heavily, more for tinkering. Hope this disc can handle 24/7 operation

  • I got my order in only a few minutes ago. Initially didn't seem to work, saying that code had already been used but I tried again and it worked. Strange.


  • Got to the last hurdle and got rejected because my credit card expires next month.
    If anyone needs me I'll be crying in the corner having missed a $20 500gb SSD

  • $47 for a Samsung 980 500gb SSD. I'll cop it

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    This Coupon has hit the redemption cap and can not be applied.

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    Klarna? Credit check? Hell no!
    Wait, did you say $50 voucher? Screw my credit, I'm in!

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    I just tried checking out, filled out my details for Klarna and got debited 1/4th of the payment from my Card. Now when trying to click 'Place Order' it says:

    'This Coupon has hit the redemption cap and can not be applied.'

  • Haha….so I confirm the order and they take the first payment and than I get a pop up saying the code could not be used.

    • Lol scam. Similar thing happened to me with mwave

    • Same here

    • same

  • cap reached

  • for anyone who has not read reviews for Klarna, I would recommend checking these out and consider paying off your instalments and closing it ASAP


    • Interesting, i paid off immediately, had no issues with credit checks, smooth sailing. Wondering if i should cancel account or just leave it…

  • Missed it. Damn that sucks. I'm signed up with Klarna, receive marketing emails, but had not received any of the recent Umart or Kogan deals. Found all of them on OzB. Oh and Klarna's accounting sucks. There are no detailed statements available on my account… so zero transparency. Pathetic. Wouldn't bother using them had it not been for the occasional deals.

  • +4

    Working again. Just placed an order

  • +2

    Looks like Umart decided to keep going. It's active again. I just tried. Code now saying "first 500".

  • Got it, tkx

  • The code is working again. Just redeemed. Thanks OP

  • Got it 2nd time around. Ordered a couple of UniFi Wi-Fi 6 Lite AP's for $154 each.

  • Managed to get a 512gb SSD for $25.

    Tried afterwards to get a 1TB Samsung 980 Pro but it said I had already used the code.

    Don't exactly want to risk trying my luck with klarna using the code twice. It's probably for the best anyway.

    I kinda wish I got the Corsair Commander Pro for $39+postage, but I didn't want to miss the deal for being hasty felt like an necessity.

  • Thanks OP, paid $2 + $8 postage for a 240GB SSD MX500, might be the best deal of the year

    Just received the order confirmation also

    Hint: coupon cannot cover postage, so make sure you get item priced over $50 to get the max discount!

    • You have to have a minimum of $60 in your cart to use the code.

  • Just used thanks

  • Can the code be used twice ?