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Settlers of Catan Board Game $39.20 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Back in stock. For those who missed the all time low $36.74 deal.

Price matching Big W who have it for $39.20 as well (20% off) if you prefer, a few stores have stock

Amazon is free delivery for all as above $39, no prime required.

Please ensure you purchase from Amazon AU seller for $39.20, not the 0 feedback seller for $36.65.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      If only I could get a dollar everytime someone….

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      I saw we're all commenting.

      This is an expansion.

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    Is this game any good with just two people. Bought it about a year ago and haven't been able to play with anyone else apart from my partner… Due to covid… Definitely not because I don't have any friends.

    • better with more people. More trading ad harder because building roads is harder with more people.

    • No, it isn't good with 2P. it's a gateway game that has negotiation, negotiation games need 3+ to be fun.

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      Not really good with 2 people as there's very little insensitive to trade with the other person. I'd recommend looking at 7 Wonders Duel for a similarly priced board game that's fantastic for 2 people.

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      Agree with others. This is a fantastic game. But no fun for 2.
      If you want a gateway game for 2 people (and more people when you have friends) I recommend Carcassonne.

    • Not particularly unless you really like catan. No incentive to trade and no catch-up mechanism. I would suggest patchwork and 7 wonders duel as two excellent 2 player boardgames that are around the same price. That said if you're pretty new to boardgames, perhaps these issues won't impact too much on your enjoyment.

      While I'm at it, space base scratches the same itch as catan while avoiding a lot of the drama and playing a lot quicker. Again though, not optimum at 2 players. Also very ugly boardgame.

  • If you're unsure whether to buy the game try the Catan app! You can play your friends on it for free too!

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    The last thing the world needs… more people ruining a tabletop game night with the suggestion of Catan.

    • I kind of want a copy just because it's so iconic, but can't think of a scenario where I'd really like to play it ahead of anything else I have. Been having a lot of urges to start turning my "shelf full of games I like" into a more serious collection lately… not good lol - I blame Capstone's reprint of Bus.

      back to Catan, even if it doesn't excite the more hobbyist crowd, it's still 10x better than Monopoly and I won't admonish people for enjoying it - anyone who likes Catan is an ally lol - just a couple of game nights away from being a Concordia, Castles of Burgundy, Keyflower, Agricola, Brass, etc fan.

      • I respect that take, but I know a few people who only want to play Catan once it's on offer. Like it's the pinnacle of gaming. It's not a bad game, just flawed and can really drag out.