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Sukin Skin & Haircare Products: 60% off RRP (e.g Shampoo 1L $10.78, Body Wash 1L $7.18) + Post ($0 with Prime/ $39+) @ Amazon AU


A repeat of this deal from April and February.

Seems 60% off RRP on most items. No minimum item quantities for the items I checked.

Sukin Natural Balance Shampoo, 1L $26.95 $10.78
Sukin Natural Balance Conditioner, 1L $26.95 $10.78
Sukin Signature Botanical Body Wash with Pump, 1 L $17.95 $7.18
Sukin Men's Facial Cleanser, 225 ml $14.95 $5.98
Sukin Lime and Coconut Body Lotion, 500ml $14.95 $5.98
Sukin Deodorant, 125ml $6.95 $2.78

& Lots More.

Free delivery with prime or $39 spend.

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  • Thanks for the share!

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    I got a bunch of their stuff from the previous special. Must say overall I'm disappointed with the quality, feels like the complimentary toiletries you get at cheap motels. It's not terrible but I think Dove, Nivea etc. is better value for money. Pity because it's Oz made and I really wanted to like it.

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      Sukin has natural cosmetics in a reasonable price.
      Dove or Nivea are far from being natural.

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        That's just branding.

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        A lot of Sukin products have essential oils in them which are massively irritating. “Natural” has nothing to do with it and is just marketing.

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          I agree, Sukin shampoo/conditioner/body wash gave me and my partner eczema around our body. Immediately switched back to Moogoo.

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      Interesting I felt their quality is pretty good!


        … not quite sure why someone felt the need to downvote you, but I don't mind their stuff either for the price.

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      I didn't find the quality of their face wash great either. Agree, they just feel like those complimentary ones.

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      Yeah this whole brand is absolute trash. Avoid at all costs. There's a reason it's always 50+% off literally every week.

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    I still got leftover from last deal lol

  • Thanks ordered !

  • Is sukin better than redken? Been using redken for a while now…

    • If you sukin I redken

      • +2

        I hadouken, you broken

  • Good products.My daughter gave me some "Facial Moisturizer for Men" and it's the goods.
    Just dropped $50 on some of their other stuff.Go for it I say….

  • Sukin Body Lotion Signature Scent (one of their most popular offerings), is either not included or completely sold out this time around unfortunately :(.


    I'm really sensitive to strong smelling moisturisers and perfumes, but the Mrs can wear this without making me sneeze… so I buy it in bucket loads when on sale.

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    Their body lotions are very mild. It was a big tranform from Cetaphil to Sukin. Settled for CeraVe which is not too mild neither greasy like Cetaphil.
    Sukin being so mild might suit summers and people with very oil skin, it’s absorption into the skin was so quick.

    Impressed with the balance shampoo though. Must try.

  • Looks like Amazon is price matching Chemist Warehouse, or the other way around. CW is also offering half price on Sukin, although sizes may be different e.g. 500ml vs 1L. Some things cheaper at Amazon, some things cheaper at CW, looks to be by cents either way most of the time.

    • But ar CW you have to buy over $50 to avoid shipping cost.

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    Quite a few reviews said the shampoo made the hair dry

    • Yes it does, very dry. But I use the conditioner straight after and then it’s fine

  • Papyrus though

  • Funny name in Russian - remove the last ‘k’ in ‘Sukin Skin’ and you get ‘son of a b….’

    • +1

      funny, SirGay

      • funny, Pidor

  • Like their cream cleanser but have no idea why anyone would buy their shampoo twice.

  • Anyone tried the deodorant?

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