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[Klarna] Apple TV 4K 2021 32GB $195, 64GB $209, Siri Remote $29, AirPods 2 $149 & More + Shipping ($0 C&C) @ Umart


If you have not redeemed the code on something else yet, looks like this deal is still active:
$50 off Coupon (Payment via Klarna) @ Umart credit bananafied

The 64GB Apple TV is a good deal as it already had $20 off.
The Siri remote is a bargain @$29 if you have been waiting for a deal.

Also with discount:
Airpods Pro $259
Airpods 2 $149
Apple Pencil 2 $149

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    Damn the Siri Remote is OOS. Just missed out.

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    I guess whats your credit "score" worth to you?. It says it doesn't impact your score but it also says other lenders might not loan to you based on the credit checks on your file.

    • +3

      Yep, an apple product is not worth an inquiry on your credit record.

    • Funnily enough the month after I signed up to Klarna during the Kogan promo my credit score went up 20 points.

      • +5

        A broker I know told me the “score” means nothing to lenders. They have their own strict criteria now since the changes to responsible lending a few years back.

        • +1

          Westpac took our scores into account as recent as 6mths ago when we got a home loan. It’s obviously not the be-all-end-all but it’s definitely considered by some.

        • yeah that was the point of my post. The score that isnt affected isnt the important part. Its the checks on your records

          • +4

            @unifex: What? You said score means nothing. I just told you Westpac took our scores into account. How does that equal nothing?

            • @ItsJonesy777: It should probably be more known that there’s more than a single number to take into account when securing a home loan. Some of it may seem super obvious but they won’t loan money to someone just because they have an excellent if for example they already have a few loans or their income is insufficient or their job security isn’t great.

        • Commercial analyst here. I wouldn’t knock someone back because they got credit somewhere and are comfortably paying it back.

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    Thanks @Buy2Much. Been waiting for a good deal on 64gb appletv

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    Just a reminder, u can still use this code to buy anything, seems not capped at 200 ppl any more!

    • so you can just buy 1 item for $50-50?

      • No, Klarna minimum is $10

      • yea, but it cannot cover the postage, so u can theoretically pay 0 if u can do C&C

  • It's only once per Klarna account right?

    • +1

      Seems like once per umart account

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    Not bad, just ordered Samsung 2TB 870 QVO 2.5in SATA SSD for $179 + $20 Steam Gift Card via Samsung Redemption

  • +5

    Ffs, how many of this scummy loan companies exist.

    • What exactly is “scummy” about them?

      • +9

        Their business models all appear to in my opinion:
        1) Encourage people to go into debt for small frivolous purchases that won't appreciate in value.
        2) Target young and dumb people who don't understand the potential risks of using the services.
        3) Try to normalise their shitty business model by offering exclusive discounts. If I can afford to pay for something without going into debt, why should I pay more?

        • +5

          Whilst I do agree with most of what you're saying,
          The only real risks of using services like these are if you can't afford to make the repayments during the period of which if needs to get paid.

          That's generally the only time they charge you fees or anything.
          The majority of their income is actually made from Merchant fees.

          Instead of acting like this is a credit-card, which it's not. It's to facilitate the products these people will buy one way or another, with an either much lower or no interest rate on it at all, if all terms are followed.

          • +3

            @jaydn: Another revenue stream for the company is your purchasing habbits data which it can sell on.

        • +5

          Its no worse than what credit cards were doing 10 years ago, at least these are interest free, which in my humble opinion, puts them a step above the previous option. They can be good if you use them correctly, but there does need to be more education on the loan type, just like there should have been when credit cards were getting peddled to young people.

          • @doobey1231: I completely agree with you.
            Realistically, I've never used such a service.. never plan on it.
            I've heard ZIP Pay is good though ;) haha.

          • @doobey1231: I agree but at the same time I think it has been made pretty apparent now what the affects can be of repeat credit enquiries or what holding too many loans can do. Most companies have it spelt out pretty clearly but it's on customers to actually do the reading, which is where it all breaks down unfortunately.

        • So giving out interest free loan is scummy, lol what a joke

          Learn about finance

          • +2

            @ln28909: Learn about how these companies make money from the typical financially illiterate person.

            • -1

              @spillmill: they charge the merchant, anyone not using bnpl products are also financially illiterate

              • +1

                @ln28909: They also charge people who don’t pay on time. They can get themselves into almost as much trouble as with credit cards :)

                • +1

                  @spillmill: just pay on time, why are people under the impression that only people that can't afford to pay up front use bnpl

  • Any decent PSU 850w+

  • The discount still seems to sit in the checkout for a few other payment methods - has anyone tried processing it with these other methods and still retained the $50 discount?

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    WARNING - KLARNA purchases does impact your credit rating and each purchase enquiry ends up on your Credit Report !

    • -2

      I would think it only impacts it if you fail to make the agreed repayments, like any other loan system in existence.

      • +2

        Sorry thats incorrect. For the sake of applying for credit the number of other credit checks can reduce your appeal to lending companies.
        In this case if you use this service over a year constantly you will get 4 credit checks on your account per year. (if you move house you get more again).

        • -2

          I think thats a bit of a stretch, the original implies that going for credit is seen as a negative thing, I don't believe it is.

          My understanding is a good credit history is better than none at all, if you can show that you can take out credit and pay it back on time. I guess my wording was wrong, it does impact it, but not in a negative way. There is also nothing specifically bad about this type of loan as opposed to other types of loans like credit cards or personal bank loans.

          • @doobey1231: Those contribute but applying for credit also reduces your credit worthiness. I know this to be true.

            • @unifex: The whole point is that this is not exclusive to Klarna or any other interest free fortnightly payment systems, it is the same for ALL types of loans.

      • Nope, any credit enquiry impacts your credit rating. Although, the credit rating system in Australia is super dumb.

        • Yeah I should clarify better and say "impacts negatively". The way the original comment worded it seemed like they were implying that this type of loan is specifically bad which is what I was meaning to clarify.

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    what does "Klarna" even mean? sounds too much like KARMA #ironic

  • Are stock from Umart grey stock?

    • No.

  • Awesome - been waiting for price to dip under $200 - but for the small amount extra I guess the 64GB is worth it

  • Pretty Good pricing for people looking to get an SSD for their PS5 also I think $200 for this Samsung would be a record low

  • Local store is closed apparently due to covid :( And I'm not paying $9 delivery

    • +3

      You save $50 but you're not willing to pay $9?

      • +1

        correct - will wait til I can get one for under $200

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    Raspberry Pi 4 4GB for $65 + shipping

  • Has hit the redemption cap. Need to mark it as expired.

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    Fully redeemed