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Zero Trading Fees on Ethereum (ETH) @ Coinstash


Hi OzBargainers,

We are excited to announce that we are offering no trading fees on Ethereum (ETH) 🎉

Buy and Sell ETH with zero trading fees until 30 September 11:59PM (AEST)

Coinstash is an AUSTRAC-registered digital currency exchange – however, our vision has always been to become much more. We recently completed a $2.8m crowdfunding campaign to fund the development of three core products: Coinstash Earn, Coinstash Borrow and Coinstash Spend.

More importantly, we aim to obtain the relevant regulatory approvals required, namely an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) from ASIC, to bring these products to the Australian market in a responsible manner.

We've been working hard to plan, develop and apply for the necessary regulatory licensing approvals to reach our ambitions of becoming Australia’s #1 Centralised Finance (CeFi) solution that will allow users to earn, borrow and spend their cryptocurrency with a safe and regulated platform.

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    I think you missing the letter "r" in the name ?

  • +1

    Zero trading fees, if you ignore the seventy bucks gas.


    • We thought we should play our part in giving our users a bit of relief from ETH gas fees by offering zero trade fees!

  • How are you making trades free on Ethereum with these insanely high gas prices ? Is it a limited time offer ?

    • Yep limited time offer until 30th September!

      We have a FB community that vote on which coin they would like reduced trade fees on with ETH winning this week (we've run previous campaigns on ADA and SOL).

    • The trades are done off-chain. This means no ETH gas fees.

  • Zero Trading Fees on Ethereum (ETH)

    Any good deals on Gadolinium (Gd) ?

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    It all depends on the spread. Increase the spread and cover the trading fees. Consumer always pays.

    • +1

      Consumer always pays.

      Literally ?

    • +1

      Good point! Always important to consider the spread. In this instance, we haven't increased our spread on ETH at all since this promo is only temporary.

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    Can’t find it on the website anymore but when I was looking into the Coinstash crowdfunding at the time, they made it clear they survive by making money on spread. So sure zero fee but you’ll cop it on the spread.

    And of all the markets to target why ETH? Would be better off trying the stoke the fires of DOGE

    • Hey Jimothy Wongingtons!

      We do make money on spreads, it's how businesses like ours operate and keep the lights on. However, we are still passing on savings to our users by forgoing the trading fees 😀.

      Our Coinstash FB community voted on ETH, we just delivered on what they wanted!

      However, maybe DOGE will find its way back into the limelight soon.

    • ‘Cop it on the spread’

  • +2

    Hi can you add ergo please?

    • We'll add it to the list! Currently in the processing of screening our next batch of coins to add to the platform.

  • The way these companies like Coinstash make money is with the spread. You are actually better off paying fees on a exchange than buying on places like Coinstash because the spread is almost always higher than the 0.01% trading fee on sites like Binance.