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½ Price Toblerone 200g $2.50 ($1.25/100g) & 360g $6 ($1.67/100g) @ Coles


Somehow this didn't make it into the catalogue this week. I noticed it in the Half Price app.
While it may be familiar, this is not an extension of the previous deal that finished on 7/9.

With the increase in price of the 360g bar to $12 and half price at $6, that is an appalling $1.67/100g
However the 200g bar is $5 and half price at $2.50 which is $1.25/100g which is now the best way to buy Toblerone in bulk.
Stock up this week to last until Mother's day next year….

If you really want the bigger block, it is also on sale at 1/2 price for $6.

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    Sigh; why does no one stock the big bars of Toberlone Dark (except duty free). Kmart had them very briefly but really wish it was a permanent line in Australian retail

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      • Yes BigW does have the Dark and White 360gm Toblerone bars, as well as the milk chocolate ones, but only as seasonal specials, specifically Fathers Day and Christmas.

        They are only available for a short time and inevitably sell out reasonably fast, so much so that I do click and collect orders to ensure that I get some of the dark ones.

        I did C&C for Fathers Day, and when I was at the Service Counter (BigW Bundaberg) getting them the guy serving me said the White always sells out quite fast. Dark sells out as well, but not as fast.

        Apart from those 2 occasions annually for getting the Dark Toblerone 360gm bars at BigW, often half priced at $6, it is almost impossible to get anywhere, and they tend to be ridiculously prices as well. I tend to get 6, which last me a long time, unless my wife finds my stash.

        • White goes fast? Strange. One would think it would go last. https://www.bonappetit.com/test-kitchen/tools-test-kitchen/a...

          • @bargainparker: Yeah the White "chocolate" products certainly have their fans, though personally I avoid both milk and white chocolate.

            What I didn't ask the guy at BigW was how much stock they got in of both White and Dark. As we left we checked out the shelf stock, and there were still boxes of dark left but only 4 white choc bars, as well as the usual abundance of milk choc ones. My guess is the word gets out amongst the white choc lovers and they hoover them up :-)

            • @wabster: Australians certainly love their daily dose of sugar. I always buy dark. The darker, the better.

        • About 9 years ago, dark used to be stocked by Target, Kmart, BigW and even Woolworths. Over the years distribution has been limited. Only BigW and duty-free airport being a dependable source of these.

          A microwaved dark toberlone triangle makes a delicious dessert.

          Good luck in your search.

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        My god, thank you so much for that info!!! Big W it is :-)

  • I normally buy the large ones when on special… But actually realised the same thing the other day, so bought 2 smaller ones instead.

  • i only see this 200g online? and ticked sub tho