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Casual Denim Jeans Jacket (Size S Only) $3 Delivered @ AusMotogear via MyDeal


Just a Summer Casual Jacket with NO protective lining

Genuine Angelo Litrico Jacket
100% Cotton
Light Weight
Superior Quality

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    …be sure to pair it with your favorite blue jeans for that supercool double -denim look

  • on description
    Only M & L Sizes Available

    • M size sadly doesn't benefit from the $3 price tag :(

  • I don't trust MyDeal, but for $3 time to suss out if it's worth buying anything serious from them in the future. If they can't handle this, then my paranoia is justified, if they can, cool, I got a jacket for $3 I'll never wear.

  • I bought a $200 office chair from Mydeal and it was delivered within a few days. Their customer support was also very good.

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      MyDeal is a marketplace, similar to Catch or Kogan. So your service will depend on the merchant who listed the item.

      This seller is AusMotoGear

      • Ahh I see, wasn’t aware of that!
        Thanks for the info

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          Too stoned to notice

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    I've got about a 1% chance of wearing this, but just bought XD

  • Not exactly my fit or style but my niece's will be happy.

  • Only size S is $3 the M & L are showing $49 for me?????

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      That's why OP has put in title "Size S Only"?

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    Good deal, thanks OP. CR of 15% makes it even better.

  • Ordered one. Hope they don't cancel and refund.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP! Ordered 2 with 15% cashback bringing it down to $5.18!

  • Xmas present is sorted ;-)
    If not for Covid and companies cannot hold Xmas dinners, I'd stock up a few for Kris Kringle ;-)

  • Eh, here's my $3.

  • interesting…I am def no small size :(

  • Genuine Angelo Litrico Jacket
    100% Cotton
    Light Weight
    Superior Quality

    For $3, More like 100% Ozbargain swag

  • May be a good fit for my gf, loves mearing my cloths anyway..

  • Got one, I'm skinny so it may fit… or it's a xmas pressy for a nephew, cheers OP

  • Awesome I can use this for my right arm!

  • Ordered one but will most likely be cancelled as Size S is OOS on the seller's website

  • Out of stock

  • How will this go with the ladies ?

  • …roadhouse

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    Hi xxx,

    Thank you for shopping with MyDeal. The seller “Ausmotogear” has processed a refund amount of -$6.00 AUD for your order. This refund will be reverted to your original payment method.

    Please find the refund details below.

    Note from Seller: Pricing error

  • I received an email that refund has been processed by the seller.

  • Lol! Just got an order cancellation and they processed a refund due to "pricing error".

    Guess no double denim look for me this spring!

  • Refunded..

  • Yep. I got the same email. Refunded.

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    Received a refund email now :(

  • Pricing error :)
    Refund initiated. Will there be a refund error ;)

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    Refunded. :(

  • We regret to inform you that there was a pricing error due to which this item was being sold at the price of $3. The Seller has rectified this mistake however, they unfortunately would not be able to fulfill this order and as a result, will be cancelling it.


  • To rub salt in the wound, MyDeal is now sending reminder email to purchase the same thing they cancelled "A quick reminder…Take a second look before they sell out", at full price! Really, MyDeal?

  • Pricing error and got refunded 😞.

  • Refunded. :(

  • I have a feeling this 'deal' is used to collect phone numbers for their marketing department because not only was my order refunded, now I'm being sent sms about their next 'deal' . Is this even legal?!

  • Order cancelled and now MyDeal is on a spam spree on my email and sms.
    Even if it is price error, a denim jeans jacket is a small price for good reputation but now I'd never use this site.

  • Refunded and also received spam message

  • Cancelled and spammed. What a (profanity) shock, I was right to bag out MyDeal in my previous comment.

    Good thing I sent it to an old email and didn't give the correct phone number.