Crucial CT32G4SFD8266 32GB (1x32GB) DDR4 SODIMM 2666MHz RAM $179 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This is a good deal IMO. I've been waiting for this price drop to upgrade my Micro Desktop i7-9900T from 32Gb to 64Gb. (Yes, micro desktop uses Laptop Ram). The only problem is that the default 32Gb SODIMM already in my computer is a Samsung RAM (M471A4G43MB1-CTD). I hope it doesn't have compatibility issue.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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      Nah, I doubt whether you can install it in the first place… :)

  • Oof, this should work well on DS1621+

  • Isn't a single piece of ram bad, even more so for Ryzen CPU?
    Speedwise that is

  • If you only want 32GB of ram then 2x 16GB is generally a better option for most computers as dual channel ram tends to give a performance gain to the system. How much of a gain is highly debated though.

    • How much of a gain is highly debated though.

      It varies, generally Ryzen suffer more from single channel than Intel
      There's definitely a performance increase with dual channel memory in gaming, sometimes doubling the performance.
      Not so sure in other applications

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        Ryzen also suffers from slow RAM.
        The performance gain is representative of the CPU and GPU that you have.
        The boost is ironic, if you have a more powerful CPU, it'll have the potential to be able to give out a more noticeable benefit, but, if your game is heavily bottlenecked by the GPU and not CPU, then not so much.

  • Why does Amazon say it's single ranked but Crucial says it's dual ranked?
    At least it's x8 based.

    • Amazon could be referring to single channel.
      32gb is dual ranked, 16gb on each side.

  • I have a 1x 8GB 2666 Sodimm stick, would adding the 32GB be a bad idea?

    • It just means that it will only be running at single channel in all applications. having more RAM running in single channel mode is much better than running dual channel with less RAM. (imo)

      • I'm not sure where you've gotten your information from.

      • If you rely on integrated graphics to do some light gaming then dual channel is pretty important. Otherwise more RAM is probably better.

      • That's definitely not true. It depends on how much RAM you need and how you use it.
        For example, gamers will prefer 2x8GB than a single 32GB stick. Even though it's less, games generally don't need more than 16GB but do need to access it faster (hence the need for dual channel)

    • I would go for 2x 16GB SODIMMs unless they are unreasonably more expensive.

  • Also on sale at Umart for the same price. I wonder who's price matching who?

    • It doesn't matter, as long as they match (or even beat) each other pricing.

  • SODIMM is for laptops in case anyone is planning on putting this in a desktop.

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      And also NUC or Mini PC :)

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        And NAS :)

        • Well, you probably could if you don't mind the error message. Cause some branded NAS require ECC for their RAM installed :)