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Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling over-Ear Headphones $335.20 Delivered ($326.82 with eBay Plus) @ Etrade eBay


pretty close to 300, though not the cheapest that i've seen.

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  • Can anyone cares to share their custom equalizer settings for either xm3 or xm4?

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      This depends so much on personal preference. Sound profiles are a majorly debated topic which really exposes how many different listening preferences there are.

      Some people like a flat, balanced sound profile (An 'Audiophile' profile).

      Others enjoy a bass-heavy sound profile matched with high treble (Also known as a V-shaped EQ).

      Personally, I see the type of music listened to as a major differentiator between these preferences. I'm fairly in between these two profiles listed above as I like a bass-heavy profile while still keeping an accurate sound signature. This allows me to listen to music, watch YouTube videos & watch movies/shows without my EQ settings getting in the way and making what I'm listening to sound too boomy or opposingly, sounding too tinny.

      I'm not suggesting that people should NOT share their custom equalizer settings, but I just want to put it out there that you should take these settings with a pinch of salt.

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      use 'excited' preset in the app with -1 of preset setting on 16k and -2 on clearbass

      • Thanks, will try this :)

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    Always had issues with my samsung tv audio. But excellent NC and build.

    • Same here. There is problem connceting to Samsung tv.
      What do you use for your tv now?

      • What sort of issue? Damn , I wanted to buy these for my Samsung tv!!!

        • The sound cuts out frequently, has static, and loses sync with the video.
          I have WF-1000XM3 & WH-1000XM4. They both have the same problem.

          • @mz830: Any idea will lg smart tv have same issues? I bought one yesterday waiting for delivery

          • @mz830: Ah… I think I'll pass then.. thanks!

          • @mz830: Spot on. Had issues with most videos on YouTube which I mostly watch. Must be with type of audio it's uploaded. Also Netflix and prime. Have to skip few mins to sync the issue.
            Had to get surfaces headphones 2 which were robust but below average NC. my 5 year old Samsung had better NC than surface, but only selling point of surfaces is it has a mute button which is helpful for team meeting 😊

  • Is it possible to listen to two audio sources at once with these? Without using a mixing device or Y adaptor that is. I can see it can connect to two bluetooth sources, and presumably even a 3rd with an audio cable.

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      you can do it with quick switching on xm4. but you can have them both play at once.

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    I'm still mad that these things don't pair with a PS4. It's shit like this that makes Apple feel like they're ahead by leaps and bounds

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      what? how does this have anything to do with apple

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        He or she thinks $899 for Airpod Max is 'ahead by leaps and bounds'.

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        I think they might be referring to how most of Apple hardware work seamlessly together. I personally think it's inexcusable that one cannot use these cans with the PlayStation.

        • as an owner of the sony xm3 and 4, i would definitely not use these for gaming. spatial positioning and microphones are abysmal and not good enough for gaming.

          • @zjz93: That's okay for competitive shooters, but I'd love to play GT, or Spider-Man or similar

            • @GafnYtHeLoRd: Yeah for singleplayer games I wouldn't really see an issue. But for competitive shooters, the lack of faster latency and bad positioning make them unusable.

        • This is what I meant, thank you

  • Can you pay via gift card?

  • Anyone compared these to the AG-WHP01k headphones?

  • These are back in stock btw. Tbh I was a bit sceptical, but I ordered them 2 days ago and they arrived today. I'm glad I tested this even though it said out of stock, cheapest out there atm. Insane delivery time too, it was estimated to come 6 days from now.

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