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Axial SCX24 2019 Jeep Wrangler JLU CRC 1/24 Crawler $215.99 ($210.59 with eBay Plus) Delivered @ Metro Hobbies eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Very good price and wasn't price jacked! Local stock (Vic) too. Both yellow and white editions are available.

I actually put in an order with Amazon US a while ago which is cheaper by a few dollars AMAZON LINK, BUT, they seem to be having stock issues and now looks like they're not in stock for a few weeks and the yellow has "1 in stock" (this looks like my cancelled order).

These remote control crawlers are very small but have a cult following and review very well! Lots of aftermarket parts as well as 3D print files available.

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    "specifications" blank? Looks like a niche hobbyist product though

  • is this any good

  • If you're willing to wait for more stock, atees have them for 189.46

    They had stock yesterday so looks like they flew out the door overnight.

    The scx24 is pretty much the one to get as far as micro crawlers are concerned albeit expensive. Heaps of parts available. Personally I settled for an rgt because it was simply cheaper and offered better bang for buck imo

    • Atees' local? Shipping ain't cheap

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        Ah bugger. Turns out their free shipping promo only applies to some items. In that case, it's a bust. My bad.

  • 1/24 scale is VERY small.

    "normal" size RC cars are 1/10 or 1/12 scale, and for over $200 that's the size I was normally expect.

    1/24 scale wouldn't be more than 20cm long and 10cm wide… tiny.

    • Super small!

      Dimensions from Amazon are 19.81 x 13.21 x 10.67 cm; 489.88 Grams

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      Yes axials are expensive rigs but to put things in perspective, the scx10 iii goes for 700+

  • Reasonable reviews from what I've seen, but I think some of that might be factoring in the cheaper price other geo's pay: