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Free 1 Pc Chicken for Red Royalty Members @ Red Rooster


Check your emails. No minimum spend. For Red Royalty members, may be targeted. Dont forget to join through the referral link here and get $5

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Referee receives $5 voucher when they sign up to Red Royalty membership, $5 for the referrer when referee makes an order of at least $10.

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  • +2

    one free piece of red rooster?

    nah mate i'm good

    • -1

      I like this store, and can give it to my homeless cats. one lives at KFC, others live at Hungry Jacks and Oportos. I visit them almost every night because they are not doing so well on carpark scraps. The ones living at the shopping centre are dong better because someone else s helping.

      • I noticed the one at KFC looks sick. I don't think red rooser is good for it if has grown up on KFC.

      • That weird the homeless cats are yours hehe ?

  • +1

    Not even worth the drive out

  • +4

    Red rooster fried chicken is better than kfc.. case clooooooosed.

  • +2

    Targeted so hard, they missed my premium status.

  • +1

    Red Rooster's Fried Chicken is actually quite good, but unfortunately it is targeted, as I didn't get the offer

  • +1

    I found the chicken to be really crispy, much better than the usual KFC. However severely lacking in flavor. I likened it to missing 8/11 herbs n spices.