Easiest TV or OS for Someone Still Living in 2005

Our 2005 NEC Plasma finally packed it in. A blessing for me… juggling HDMI adaptors & Chromecast for kids to watch Disney & Netflix and flicking back to free-to-air for hubby who just wants to watch crap TV he can channel surf, finally killed the NEC Star.

Personally, I don't care what replaces it. My main requirements are:

  • Not having to d*ck around with it for the rest of my family.
  • Something that Encino man can flick through with ease.
  • Hoping to not spend more than $1000 and looking for 50" and up.

I've read that some OS are more intuitive than others?

Would really appreciate some recommendations.


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    LG. My parents aren't that tech savvy and are able to navigate LG's OS with ease. All they do is browse YouTube. LG also has an air mouse which makes navigation easier. You can also set shortcuts so holding down 1 opens YouTube etc.

    • Thanks!

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    Buy a good TV that doesn't have any/has limited OS/Smart capabilities - and buy a Google TV.

    Why? It'll be fast when navigating free to air because it isn't running anything resource intensive - because its not designed to.
    Most importantly, no matter what - that TV will last you. It won't get bogged down with OS updates that after a few years are no longer supported, leaving you with a slow piece of sh*t, it'll just cost you another $100 4 years down the line to buy the next Google TV equivilent, that will be fast and snappy. rinse and repeat.

    Tl;dr - avoid internal OS, make it external to improve longevity/performance.

    Edit: I set this up for my parents who are in the same boat - signed into my Google Account and all my subscriptions with their own profiles. My dad barely uses it, he likes navigating free to air, but my mum does frequently - keeping up with shows and setting things up for the grandkids.

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      another reason to avoid smart TVs and just get a dumb TV with a smart box like nvidia shield etc is that you don't get stuck with ads, i recall reading a few articles where the TVs started displaying ads that you couldn't remove on the home screen and other crap like that.

    • Thanks, Google tv sounds like it would suit my family!

    • So… does Google TV = Android TV with built in Google Assistant and Chrome-cast?

      Like this (just for examples sake)


      Appreciate everyone’s help, thanks!

      • You dont want Google TV built into the TV itself. It might be good for a short while, but it will also eventually slow down as more features get added - then stop being supported for that TV.

        You want to buy the below:

        Then find a TV that does the bare minimum like:
        - I cannot find any non smart/dumb TV's anymore.

        I have genuinely looked pretty hard, and there's nothing decent that meets the same price range.. Even looking up articles now all point to "Smart TV's" being the norm, and it's probably so that you do end up buying another TV 3-4 years down the line.

        The TV you found isn't bad, it'll do the job and will include all the features that make it easy enough to use - Android TV is pretty much Google TV with small changes to make it part of the core TV OS. Am sorry I couldn't find anything that gives longevity - maybe someone else can find a non-Smart TV that fits the ~$600/60" ballpark.

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          If you do bump the price tag and focus purely on the quality of the TV, going for something like the below can give you the ability to incorporate it with a Google TV

          • @fratzhaus: Thanks for your help! If I bought a cheap android tv like this AustPost 42” Soniq would adding the google chrome-cast with google tv work ok? Or, am I being too much of a TA?

            • @Linnylin: being a TA is the whole purpose of these boards.

              That also has Android TV, meaning the Google TV hybrid is already built into it. Honestly, go for it - or the larger 58" - 'Smart' TV's no longer seem avoidable - and is going to give you all the benefits you need and want for the next few years.

              I don't think my initial suggestion is really a viable solution anymore if you're looking for a cheap TV, they all seem to include some variation of Android TV because the cost to actually implement that in a TV is next to nothing, and usually is a huge selling point to buyers.

              I would still argue that you can find TVs that aren't smart that put all the value into the actual panel and build quality (see previous suggestion), and you can pair it with a Google TV making it a cheap long-term solution.

              • @fratzhaus: I think I’ve found a non-smart tv😁! Soniq 55”. I’m hoping this might work with google tv?

                • @Linnylin: That looks to be one - it still advertises itself as a Smart TV, but from the looks it seems its the loose definition of Smart (Mine is also smart but does nothing more than run YouTube and Netflix), it should work really well with a Google TV.

                  Google TV will also be able to turn the TV on and control volume through the IR remote, while also being able to control/navigate everything else via bluetooth/wifi/whatever it uses, meaning outside of navigating free to air TV, it will replace the remote the TV comes with.

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                    @fratzhaus: Thanks for all your help! Bought Soniq55 s/hand (still in box) off marketplace $330 and the google tv from HN for $70 (Lattitude deal).

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    Got my parents a Hisense U6G, 55 inch version. Works well, easy OS, good picture and price.

  • Smart box.. if you’re with Telstra? You can get a Telstra TV which my old man uses and he’s a fossil.. added to your account if you want to pay it off slowly

  • Avoid "Smart" TVs

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    Alternatively, an Apple TV is great and easy to use with those apps too. So much easier using a dedicated remote. You could get a Fetch TV, but it does not have Disney+ I believe (haven't checked because I use Apple TV instead.

    You would simply have to switch from the input channel for Apple TV to the Free to Air inputs for tv. Alternatively, you could use the catch up apps to stream live tv as well.

  • A time machine? :)

  • Sony 65' from Costco is about $900 (not remember the details but less than 1k), I reckon it is satisfying the requirement. It comes with an easy built-in os with youtube, Disney, etc by simply clicking. No ads. I reckon it can also go with the Chromecast thing. The quality is good.