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[UberPass] Spend $1 Minimum at a Participating Restaurant, Get a Free Burger @ Uber Eats


Uber Pass offer.

The best way is to add at least $20 to get delivery free but then they hit you with the service charge

My local, $15 burger meal + 2 extra cans of drink for $7 delivered. Is the best I can do

Spend $1 at a participating Uber Eats restaurant and you’ll get a free burger! Sink your teeth into burgers from your local favourites. Available from 24–26 September 2021 at participating stores. Service Fee and Delivery Fees apply. T&Cs apply.

To redeem:

• Look out for the ‘Uber Pass Burger Perk’ tab on the homescreen, or,
• Head to the Deals page in-app and look for 'Free Item (Spend $1)'

Referral Links

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • I thought you canceled uber pass OP.. you said it "wasn't really worth it"? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/11086794/redir

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      I did. it ends end of the month

      • Ohh ok fair play! Yeah hopefully they start bringing out more deals for uber pass!

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          I’ll keep my eye out on here, if something decent comes up I might sign up again.

  • I've got this offer and I also feel that Uber Pass is worth for us. We order takeaway at least once a week and some restaurants charge $5.99 delivery. $5.99 X 4 is more than uber pass. Plus, you get some offers like the free burger offer. I guess it varies from person to person.

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      If ordering so often, you're getting charged a substantial amount of services fees you wouldn't be if using Deliveroo or Doordash (which is 2% not 10% or at least $1)

      Delivery is only free on $20+ orders I believe so that means paying $15/month for free delivery but having at least a $2 surcharge. The only way to make Uber Pass worthwhile is to order a lot, which means lots of service fees.

      Whoever thought of this business model honestly needs a raise.

      • Wouldn't you be paying more if you didn't have uber pass? Service fee + delivery? Even Menulog has started charging the service fee. But 100% agree that the person/team deserves a raise for this "business" model

        • Well it depends on how much you order and where from.

          For example, if one does a Deliveroo Plus sub which currently has a 90 day free trial you pay nothing extra provided you meet the minimum spend ($20 for most restaurants). If using Dashpass you only pay the 2% service fee (a matter of cents). Dashpass has had quite some nice promotions in the past too.

          That's just my view on things, if you're paying a monthly sub and having to meet a minimum spend you shouldn't have to also be subjected to $2+ fees every order.

          Also a quick gripe about Menulog is they are the only company to provide both a service charge ($1-$4) + small order fee ($2 added to delivery charge under $15).

  • Would it be for paid rather than trial of uber pass ?

  • Does uberpass mean you get your food first before they visit ten homes… I'd rather just get it myself

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    If anyone else got one of those discount promos a week or so ago (I got 10x $15 off $25 spend), they stack with this offer provided you end up with the $25 or however much the minimum promo spend is. They also seem to work with the buy one get one free items too.

    • I didn't get them. This free burger is my first promo…

  • I wish I saw this earlier.

    I got a place with a $19 chicken item, I add $1 sauce and I get the chicke for free. Delivery is free and the service charge is another dollar.

    So $2 meal delivered, it also has another brand in a different name with the same menu, so did it again.

    So the trick is, look for items with high cost, and add in some side or sauce etc to make $20, and only pay for the side item and service charge.