Decent Full Size or TKL Mechnical Keyboard under $60

Hey guys, I am recently in the market for a new mechanical keyboard, as my old Corsair K55 has (always) been stiff and slow in terms of response times. I want a decent mechanical keyboard that will last me ~2 or more years, and under 70 dollars. I am currently thinking of getting the K225W-RGB if it goes on sale (or not), as it seems good with the RGB and other things. Please suggest to me any other options and bargains which are available at the moment. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Have used one of these every day for several years. Currently $75 but often reduced.

    VELOCIFIRE TKL02 87, and LED Backlit for Copywriters, Typists and Programmers

    • Hello, thank you for the suggestion. The keyboard is a good choice and it seems good as well, I have kept it on my watchlist to see if it is under any discount or not. Thanks a lot 😁

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    Razer BlackWidow Elite
    its a full size keyboard
    i bought it last time at $149 (orange switch)

    highly recommend this keyboard .. i like it so much that i have 2 (one for home & one for office)

    what colour switch colour? thats your preference

    PRO: the volume dial on the right hand side top corner is a big PLUS for me

    wait until black friday sale .. 6 - 7 weeks from now and u'll probably get it under $150

    dont buy cheap no brands .. useless

  • Currently K552 is $55.99 on Amazon which seems like a good price
    Outemu blue switches. It's backlit with red lights, not RGB, depends if that is important to you.

    • Yeah, I was considering that one, but apparently there are a lot of defects and the refund and exchange process is apparently not great either. I saw the better version of that, which has less defects and seems to be a great keyboard.
      Thanks for the suggestion

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    Slightly over budget but Razer BlackWidow V3 RGB Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard for $95.

    • Looks good, I'll put it in my watchlist to see if it gets discounted. Thank you.

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    Tecware Phantom (TKL/Full) is just my blanket recommendation for any keyboard under $100. The switches are hotswappable so if one key dies you don't have to replace the whole board or go through a lot of trouble to fix it, it has a good build and it doesn't look gamery at all. It also doesn't need any crappy software, and the software that it does have available is super lightweight.

    • I did enjoy their low profile blue switch ones. It was different from Cherry MX Blue, so it's worth trying for the novelty factor alone imo.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I really like this keyboard, but does it have any cons, this seems good for the price and has all the things I am looking for at a cheap price, seems like there would be a catch but everything seems to be good. Does the keyboard have any cons which would be good to know?

      • It pings a little bit and it doesn't have dedicated media keys or a passthrough. The switches can only be swapped with other Outemu switches unless you use pliers to thin the pins on the other branded switches.

        • The ping is fine, media and passthrough is not a matter as I have a lot of port on my pc and for the switches, I'll just swap them with Outemu if they break. Seems good!

          • @Sid2121: Mine came with 4 extra switches which is pretty neat too.

      • I think it being an Outemu switch might put some people off (Outemu is at the cheaper end of the switches). You might have some switches fail, though it being an hotswappable keyboard would make the replacement procedure so much easier. I have heard that Outemu boards' hotswappability actually came to be for repairs purposes (hence why their hotswappable board only accepts Outemu switches), not sure how credible the reasoning behind the hotswappability is though.

        • Yeah, many of the budget keyboards have the Outemus and at least 5 reviews say how they stop working. It's great you can replace them though.

          • @Sid2121: Just remember that a lot of these Outemu boards are very limited in their compatiability. Something like Cherry, Gateron and Kailh switches won't fit from what I understand.

            You might have to source the spare switches from China, via AliExpress or eBay.

  • REDRAGON K579 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Wired RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gamers Keyboard Macro Keys 104 Keys Computer PC Laptop Fast Clicky Cherry Blue Switches Equivalent

    $72 after coupon.

  • there seems not many decent choice under $70
    IKBC, decent quality with Cherry switches and less fancy setup.
    had a wired C87 TKL since 2 years ago, reasonable.