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Custom Bonnet Protector Guard from $70 Delivered @ Orientalautodecoration



We are an Australian company who specialize in selling quality aftermarket auto accessories, based in Melbourne.
We have a special offer on all Bonnet Protector this week.

Enjoy $10 off for a limited time only!
Use code "BP10" at checkout for $10 off on all bonnet protector.

Models include:

Save more by taking advantage of our combo Weather Shields+ Bonnet Protector sales!

Check Your Model Here:


Please feel free to contact us to check if we have your model.

Free shipping except in remote areas. (Due to the size of bonnet protector, shipping cost might be charged in remote areas.)
Free contactless C&C if you're in Kilsyth VIC.
*Sale Ends 1 Oct.

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    Custom Bonnet Protector

    A bit early for Easter isn't it?

    • Probably should've used Google instead of Bing

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    Nothing against the company selling these but just wanted to say be cautious using any protector that sits close to the metal, especially if you don’t wash your car a lot. Leaves, dirt and crap that falls between the protector and paint and sit there for ages can actually damage the paint and cause rusting issues. I’ve seen a lot of bonnets in worse condition because of the protector than they would have been without.

    If you live on a gravel road or spend large amount of time driving quickly on gravel they will help prevent stone chips but if you live/work in the city I’d say don’t bother.


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      I’ve been burnt with aftermarket bonnet protectors and weathershields.. Never again

      There are certain things you can do aftermarket, but not these

  • I use bonnet bras if I'm driving long distances and I take them off after wash trip. Plastic bonnet protectors are useless

  • Got any for Subaru WRX

    • Hi,
      We only have weather shields for Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan 14-19 model.


  • @orientalauto do you have any for the BF falcon?

  • Having bought weathershields from this company, I would add that the "instructions" provided can be very confusing (poorly translated English in tiny print), especially when the item fits multiple year variants of a particular model. My weathershields have screw holes that are not used for my variant but the instructions did not mention this.

    • Hi,
      Please feel free to contact us if you need any further help on your installation.