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Bonus $20 eBay Voucher ($20.01 Min Spend) with eBay Plus Monthly Subscription ($4.99/Mth)


Possibly targeted, please confirm in comments. I'm fairly sure it's targeted as on my eBay Summary page there's a link to the offer with a code that definitely looks unique. Probably due to my once (and only once, ever) clicking the 'Join now' link to read what was on offer for the monthly subscription, so I'm forever flagged in their database as 'possibly interested'.

I received this in my eBay Messages. Similar to the $40 voucher for an annual subscription, except this is aimed at the monthly subscription model. Screenshot of the original message.

Minimum purchase must be $20 with the voucher and it has a short expiry date of only a week.

T&Cs of this promotion can be seen here.

eBay Plus Monthly Subscription $4.99/Month post

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  • I got the $40 deal sigh.

  • Should I cancel the yearly subscription?

    • Chances are if you're already a subscriber you might not have the offer available. If you cancel now and you've only joined recently there's the risk they'll try to claw back any vouchers you received when you signed up, but if you've been a member for a while then you may get a different offer. eBay seem to be running a lot of different campaigns to entice people into the Plus program.

      • I have $5 min $5.01 spend in the pass few months, I think Sept is the last.

      • +1

        You can cancel whenever you like with no further liability for vouchers they have issued. It's standard here to cancel in PayPal the recurring payment agreement, as eBay have been notorious for continuing to charge the annual fee despite cancelling on the eBay website. This way no overcharging is guaranteed.

        • Will they refund the rest of the subscription?

  • Did you received an email too?

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      Sometimes the there is a delay between the eBay message and email

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    You have already tested eBay Plus for free

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      I good a 40$ voucher pop up, targeted as I asked them about renewing as i turned down a 30$ voucher to stay. Assume I'd still get the credited voucher but also get that message.

      • What do you mean?

        • Yeah the coupon usually for new members but could go on the chat if wanting to re-subscribe, just considering doing that - may not apply to you

    • Ask them for Something for renewing.
      I can do without eBay mostly

  • I got an email for a competition to win a PS5 on a side account. eBay is getting worse in their "promotions"

    • Yes they do play an increasingly ambiguous game trying to trip ppl up.