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Yamaha RX-V6A AV Receiver $796.80 (eBay Plus $776.88) Delivered @ Radio Parts eBay


Deal ends 26 September.

There was a similar deal in June.

Note for improved HDMI 2.1 capability (but not full HDMI 2.1 compatibility - thanks for the info Synergy) you will need to have the HDMI board replaced for free by Yamaha

I don't think you can get this done prior to receiving the receiver unfortunately


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    I have this amp purchased through same supplier in the last month. Purchased on last eBay deal but not quite as cheap as this, but close. Awesome amplifier, replaced a five-year-old Denon receiver and there is a noticeable difference. Highly recommended.

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      Do you know if it supports ultrawide 21:9 resolution? Or 1440p?

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    Note for full HDMI 2.1 capability you will need to have the HDMI board replaced for free by Yamaha

    Not true. While it will be technically "HDMI 2.1" compliant, it will by no means be "full HDMI 2.1". The ports (post hardware replacement) will only be 24 gbps, however you need 40 gbps in order to support maximum functionality.

    The nutshell of this is that if you want to connect a next gen console or 3000 series nvidia card to this, you will need to lower the settings in order for them to work, or have a TV that supports compression (DSC) which basically none do.

    See https://www.avsforum.com/threads/hdmi-2-1-avrs-and-av-proces...

    As a side note, as per the HDMI 2.1 specifications, manufacturers cannot label their products as being HDMI 2.1 without specifying which features of HDMI 2.1 it supports.

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      Wowee… what a complete clusterf*%k by yamaha to now completely short change us early adopters. I bought this amp on the assumption that it would be a full 40Gbs HDMI 2.1 standard and not running it in a compressed mode. If that is the case I will be returning it to yamaha for a refund as it's not fit for purpose.

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        complete clusterf*%k by yamaha to now completely short change us early adopters.

        not only Yamaha - many vendors using same faulty insourced components were burned by this. Buy next year’s model for full HDMI 2.1.

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          Marantz told me they won't help until I send them a photo of an Xbox Series X label before they'll send me the HDMI adaptor box for the issue, and only if it's within the warranty period.
          Pretty crappy response.

    • Thanks for the clarification.

      HDMI 2.1 has been implemented poorly in televisions too. A lot of 2021 models don't offer it at all. Others offer partial compliance.

      I am sure in a few years time it will be standard in pretty much every receiver and TV as just a basic requirement, but right now it's a mess.

  • In the market for new AV. Thanks for the tips @Synergy

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    I bought this at launch October 2020 it is junk limited to 18Gbps HDMI 2.0.

    Has a hardware fault out of this box that will require a board replacement to hit 24Gbps which isn't enough for a large part of the HDMI 2.1 spec

    The board replacement isn't available yet , who knows when it will be as Yamaha are liars and scammers.

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    its said that the yamaha have some of the better audio quality and surround sound and use the burson audio op amps. burson is now texas instruments TI BB PCM xxxx numbers chips..
    anyway I was looking to get one myself.. but realised probably all true atmos systems are 19-21 channels or something like that? im certain the true HDMI 2.1 yamaha receiver you guys are after would be the "aventage model" .. but i myself have no clue what makes it so much more expensive? is it a class A instead of D or AB? i dont get it? Does the aventage have balanced headphone amp built in there or what? as the aventage can be thousands or several times more just for 7.1.2 or 5.1.2 but you see people agree they can sound good as or better than denon and have all the audio technology in them like their upmixing 2channel to surround sounds much better im told. Since yamaha would replace the HDMI port board for free its probably still a better buy than the often on sale cheaper pioneer vsx933 i have which wont free upgrade me to HDMI 2.1 but they were sold around the same time.

    The thing is some HDMI 2.1 features like auto LL switching which detects content and switches display mode to game mode for lower latency or the HDMI port maybe allows support for freesync/VRR (same thing) and allow for maybe slightly more colour output options or has been adjusted so 4k 120hz is possible or even 8k.. but it maybe uses chroma subsampling. For example HDMI 2.1 is needed for 8k.. but imagine if yamaha receiver could use old port and achieve 8k using DSC or some such with devices that support display port or over HDMI or something somehow? for example my AMD 5700xt graphics card is a 4k120hz graphics card but only with DP 1.4 monitors. My TV which is HDMI 2.1 cant do much at all with its HDMI 2.0b port. And if i use an adaptor to convert to HDMI freesync/VRR is lost as freesync is about zero latency/low latency. its disgusting when free standards for anyone to build with like freesync which are a decade old or more still cant be used by all of nvidia and intel and most monitors as when they do try and implement they use the cheapest scrape by it with the minimum standards as it was invented and handed out freely decades ago but nobody dared use it because they're all retards.. then when they built monitors with it they used cheapest 90's monitors in year 2000 to make the lowest spec ones possible to pretend it was crap because their fake hardware like intel and nvidia which is really just more like calculator ALU's and not actual true computers with compute core power couldnt even pretend to function with it and still cant really they fake their own gsync crap and pretend its working though it isnt.. and their excuses for it not working are "we're pretending to process several frames being output to smooth movement and blurr out/in extra details with a cheap $2 chip for upscaling and some decades old AMD open source patent we got into our hands from university students work submitted in assignments becoming property of university so nvidia could use them without paying megabucks to AMD in licencing… Why the hell dont more receivers support freesync when year 2003 HDMI specs and USB C spec from google state zero latency.

    If some ozbargainer has both this model of the yamaha and the avantage could you give us a run down of the extra features and the sound quality and component differences that maybe justify it being double to 3 times the price for aventage or whatever the heck its called.. each review wasnt very helpful in explaining the 'why spend thousands more' part?

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        That's what a brain dump looks like.

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      R U OK ?

      I would say the RX-V6A is a rocking receiver for the money if you don't need full HDMI 2.1 compatibility.

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      How many read the whole of the above ????

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    Thumbs up for the post.

    I just bought an RX-V4A (still in the box), and used the information in the post alone to register my unit, so I can get the board replaced when it becomes available.

    I don't have an XB or 3000 series card, but it's the tip of the iceberg really and an AVR will be kept for some time, so sure as heck there will be other devices in the future which would be affected by this limitation.


  • For anyone interested, here is a scientific review of this unit:


    Based on measurements, it is subpar at best on paper. Some would debate whether you can hear the sound quality difference but having this information does not hurt in helping to weigh up the value prospect.

  • My onkyo tx nr 545 has the same AKM DAC chip as my pioneer VSX 933 and when i looked into it the yamaha was maybe similar if i recall

    the yamaha receiver you will notice they were testing a high slew rate amp with probably swing voltage and designed for shaping/correcting sound and using texas instruments op amps to make everything sound nicer so the distortions become a type of 'dark silence' is the only way i can describe it without knowing what the correct term is because "black noise" is something else entirely but its how laymen attempt to describe it. Its more powerful 150watts per channel speaker capable but half the product descriptions state lower wattage or higher wattages.. but either way with high slew rate it will be more precise and powerful sounding more amped and punchy resposive speakers than other receivers with similar wattage output. This audio science review is using cheap in ear earbud headphone jack port testing on mobile phones to rate, class and classify their 150 watt speaker amplifiers with dolby atmos or dtsx designed to allow for 19 or 21 channel audio was it maybe up to 23 channels from your 9-13channel bluray disc lossless? height and ceiling speakers to perfectly reproduce cinema audio losslessly in your own home when cinema surround sound used to be absurdly prohibitively expensive but now only costs about $3-5000AUD and this cheap pretend 5.1.2 or 7.2.2 atmos setups are the fake cheap shit anyway for people in tiny apartments.. and to mock stupid retards like these audiosciencereview guys they sell all of you a "TV SOUND BAR" with the dolby atmos logo on it! ROFL. the TV coulda decode it to PCM for your cheaper nastier stuff anyways for your probably a single speaker sound bar.. and then they charge you a fortune in licencing HAHAHA its like an OLED TV with a dolbyvision logo those things cant ever be much brighter than 1,000 nits HDR and daylight is 10,000nits and OLED isnt colour accurate and has narrower colour gamut and all sorts of issues but its sooooo much cheaper and faker. the dolbyvision specs on paper say the full daylight 10,000 nits and more like visible light spectrum..and you pay a fortune in licensing for dolbyvision for cheap fake OLED DISPLAY rofl.. a free HDR10 open standard samsung TV is far more capable of reproducing visible light spectrum and has like 4,000 nits on affordable consumer versions of neo QLED. I own a 2,000 nits HDR one myself. turn on your car radio or headphone amp and leave the volume at the lowest setting you dont hear a thing.. crank it up to like a third and the audio sounds awfully bad and not right, imbalanced often and not clear or clean you need to be able to drive the speakers to produce the correct sound by getting enough power to them.. WTF is 2.5 watts output going to do to a 150watt speaker? go ahead have a listen? hear that silence? thats why these losers got rocks in their heads.

    Anyway the amp is rated for 150watt speakers at 6ohms but it drives them very well and more powerfully than say the pioneer even though the yamaha may sometimes be listed as 130watts or 150watts maybe for the same model they are way more driven than the 150watts pioneer i own because of slew rate/swing voltages im assuming as its got a high slew rate because thats what was advertised as the selling point of the yamaha unit from its launch to the market and its promotional materials. Point is able to handle 150 watts per channel when most ones at this price point at 50/60/70/80/100 some are 120watt per channel?.. though the pioneer has similar high wattage output of maybe 130 or up to 150 watt the pioneers surround upmixing and signal processing are sub par at best. Even if they were the 'same' the yamaha would sound noticeably a bit better due to the more quality op amps used the TI BB PCM chip. out of all receivers released on market at the time of the yamaha the vast majority use the same model of AKM DAC chip check the build specs.. yet the complain about the yamaha DAC having poor signal noise and distortion and processing its the same bloody AKM DAC CHIP as 2/3 of the receivers on the market you fake posers!

    that whole audioscience review has not a drop of facts or science in it.. have they ever even heard the units they sound totally different. Onkyo and pioneer are owned the same company yet specialize in different aspects. onkyo is vocals and treble and 'DJ dance party' thumpin bass i guess a more exaggerated enhanced equalizer and prettier sounding music? and pioneer is more about enhanced but still leaning towards life like sounding vocals. While the yamaha units are more like those $20,000 80's karaoke machines with the famous concert sound like reproduction and maybe not all that reverb but a ghost of something like it that kinda enhances audio sound feel vaguely supersound.irs like. The only way i can describe it is if you look back at the 90's while everyone was creative soundblaster 16bit audio sound cards and midi.. or even ROLAND midi audio.. yamaha was having a midi keyboard called the "stagea" in the 80's which was used in heaps of film and video game sound tracks. Some of you may know the final fantasy band called "the black mages" or a heap of other classic instantly recognizable stuff. https://youtu.be/c05f5gPhF80 https://youtu.be/uTdslTHloFM https://youtu.be/0ayMs6i3S34
    the cheeseiest cheapest and 80's-est of 80's yamaha karaoke and concert setups were probably pricey but way more fun than most of the junk out there people wasted wayyyy more money on. Seriously some stuff was absurdly expensive but was the fakest stuff ever. A heap of criminal idiots still want you to think them pressing a wax disc from recycled garbage as an LP record is more audiophile than lossless audiophile home cinema with a $2-3000 receiver and $3000 worth of 7.1.2 surround sound speakers.. and spending a fortune on the atmos bluray disc or the MQA audio files well those people are retards digital audio has long surpassed dogs hearing. Sure similar stuff did exist and could be used with records and cassette tapes in the 80's but it was millions of dollars.. just a 80's boom box casette tape used to be magnesium chrome and a single tape cost $300-600 for a casette tape for use in a sony casette deck in the 80's and 90's you always wanted a single tape deck not a dubbing one with dual decks for the best audio quality. You can still find a few "retro vintage record labels" selling $300 chrome casette tapes and VHS tapes and "vinyl" records that are true audiophile but i mean the prices have only gone up its still $300 USD for a single cassette tape let alone a "LP RECORD DISC" or a "VHS TAPE" you losers have all only ever used cheap sticky tape soaked in iron solution for ferrous casette tapes from the bargain bin for a dollar and think that cheap shit was "audiophile in the 80's" because criminals are crippling your audio to keep selling you their shitty 60's rock music for the next 60 years and hope to continue doing so for the next thousand years..

  • I emailed Yamaha Australia to double check the 24 vs 48 Gbps issue on the replacement board for the Rx-V6a.

    This is their response:

    Thanks for your email.

    The board upgrade will only correct a chipset error that causes issues with HDMI 2.1 and the XBox Series X. It will not upgrade the HDMI 2.1 specifications of the board which, as outlined on the specs page on our website, are 8K60B / 4K120AB. This means it will not passthrough uncompressed video as it is capped at 24gpps, but is still within the HDMI 2.1 standard.

    Full HDMI 2.1 specifications are only available on our RX-A4A, 6A and 8A Aventage series receivers.


    Yamaha AV Sales Support

    I wouldn't be surprised if next years Rx-V6b replacement model still only features 24 Gbps and that going forward if you want 48 Gbps with Yamaha it's Aventage or bust….

    • Yeah.. I got exactly the same response earlier today.

      Will be sending them another email demanding that return it to the retailer because it's 'not fit for purpose'.. It might as well be a HDMI 2.0 amp with the compression restriction. For a $1300 RRP amp, it's really quite disappointing and at no point in any of their documentation does it state the 24 Gbps limit.

      I'm sure that with the V6B, any review site with judge them harshly for a crippled HDMI 2.1 port if it remains as 24 Gbps.