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[Back Order] Mad Catz R.A.T. 8+ Optical Gaming Mouse $82.50 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas with $100 Spend) @ JB Hi-Fi


Saw this on FB, tempted to get one. anyone has experience with these Mad Catz mice?

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    I have this mouse. Personally I like the design, though may not be for everyone. Very heavy with weights in which is what I like.

    Paid $97 18 months ago. But that was on special. $149 on amazon atm, so this is a pretty solid price.

    • Way over designed… May be good for WOW or similar games…
      Mine is stored away somewhere and only got used once…. doh
      A simple Gaming mouse is better for First Person Shooters and most games…

      My SteelSeries Rival 700 has been ruunning great for years :)
      Lost count of how many times I have dropped it on the ground.
      Two left here (Estimated Total cost: $72.46 including Shipping & Import Fees):

      • They're not just for MMOs or MOBAs. Multi-multi-button mice are excellent for driving your computer without needing to reach the keyboard very often. I've barely touched my keyboard since I got Rival 500.

        This isn't really one of those, though. The cheeky buggers have counted the mouse wheel as three buttons (forwards, backwards, middle click), making it an 66 button mouse with a side scroll wheel (damn good idea).

        A standard mouse with two side buttons and one for DPI switching Mad Catz' would call an eight button mouse.

        I can't comment on its reliability or robustness but it's a great price for mouse that's usually near $200.

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    2011 wants the mouse back

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      I want the 2011 mouse back!

      A wireless logitech G9x would be a dream.

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        A wireless G9 would be a dream, loved that mouse I had two.
        While we at it, a wireless G3 and a revolutionised Logitech Revolution would also be great.

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        lol, who remembers the MX518?

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      Yah! unless you're into the dropped pie look

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    I had RATS 3 mouse years ago. It was great mouse but after using months later the plastic housing became sticky so I threw away.

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      Had the same issue with the RAT9 some 5 years ago make it very uncomfortable to use. Has happened to a number of my items with the black plastic and the stickiness cant be removed. Thought it was just me so glad to find i'm not alone. Wonder if there is a fix as it was a damn good mouse

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    I have a RAT 9 still love the look of it.. wish I didn't have the wireless version tbh batterys are a pain..

    afterpay offer like 10 bucks off 50 sometimes depending how much you have used them..

    • Have you had trouble remapping the keys? I brought a new PC, installed the latest Win10 drivers/software but now the remapped keys dont work. All save correctly and have been done properly but cannot get them to work in Firefox or Chrome

  • Used to love the RAT 7 I had before. Was nice enough, but eventually died after 5+ years. Surprisingly comfortable, considering how angular it looks.

  • Had the CAT 7 years ago. Surprisingly comfortable. Mine last 3+ years of heavy use

  • is there a left hand version? is there an ambidextrous version?

  • Found it to be not as smooth and even on the bottom

  • here I was thinking that I am open minded when it comes to gaming hardware design

    but what in the taintchafing mother of fkk is that? how do I even grab that

    • You don't; it grabs you. Just pray it lets go when you're done.

  • Never thought I'd see an edgy mouse but here we are.

    • Its not that wild. Just looks like a G9 with bits missing.

  • Yeah but does it transform?

    • I'm sure it's a Decepticon

  • Previous rat 7 owner here. The horizontal scroll wheel fell off and the drivers don't work on windows 10

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    I had a very early R.A.T mouse before they came up with all the numbers on the end. One of the best mouse I had … used it for many years until plastic got sticky similar to other's descriptions. I couldn't work out a way to get rid of the stickiness to sadly threw it away. It still functioned perfectly apart from the stickiness.

    After a number of years using logitech and cheaper mice, I finally went and bought a RAT 6 … and I still find it the best mouse I've used. Highly recommend.

    edit: In case it's not clear to people just browsing through, the design looks like that because they are meant to be modular to differing degrees, depending on the cost. The back palm rest can be shifted forwards and up and down. The side panels also can be removed and replaced with different designs. There is also a screw at the back with multiple weights to change the weight to your preference.

  • Must be fun cleaning this mouse

    • I sold my RAT9 many years ago and so can confirm it was one of the worst equipment cleaning experiences of my life.

  • Does the mouse look a little bit short to anyone? Length wise.

    • The whole thing is adjustable, so you can make it fit your hand. The ones I have seen can extend out to be longer than most other mice I've seen.

  • I have one of these (or maybe the 7, but it looks very similar). I really like it! Had it for about 8 years now and still going strong.

    One thing to be conscious of is that it's sensitive to vibration. When I had my tower on the right hand side of my desk and without a foam pad under the mouse, it lost a lot of its sensitivity and accuracy.

    Other than that, it's super customisable and really comfy.