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Sapphire Pulse AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT Gaming OC 8GB GDDR6 Graphics Card $719 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Decent price I think


GPU: Boost Clock: Up to 2593MHz
Memory: 8GB/128 bit DDR6 16 Gbps Effective
Stream Processors: 2048
RDNA 2 Architecture
Ray Accelerator: 32
Item Model Number 11309-03-20G

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    not bad at all. considering the currently market and availability

  • cant add to cart :(

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    There was 5 left, all gone in 1 hit. If I had a guess someone bought it all.

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      Bloody hell, ruthless

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      Considering most retailers are 1 household worth for them.

      • you can easily go around it with script and bot

    • if the value continues dropping and the crypto market continues in freefall from the china illegal ban, then what an absolute idiot if they don't offload this ASAP.

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  • Anddddd it’s gone

    • Southpark

  • it is gone…….

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    so glad i got one of these for $639 Delivered a day after launch… prices just keep going up

    • Painful for the rest of us ;-)

    • Honestly that just appears the way to go.
      It might be hard to get but not impossible, and close to RRP… anything after that and it goes up

      • We mayball get another chance when the RX6700 non xt launches on the 29th in a week. :)

        It will performe as well as an RTX2070 Super my guess.

        • Wouldn’t a 3060 be a better comparison given that 2070 is old?

  • It is not even a fast card…..

    • Equal to or marginally better than a RTX 2070.

    • 6600xt beats a 3060 12gb and is faster then a 1080ti

  • Mining RIGs power efficiency choice

    • But gaming still RTX takes the lead

    • What's the profitability like for this at the mo?

      • It's like a couple of dollars a day, like $2.50 or something but its the most profitable gfx card per watt electricity usage however the payback would be almost 10months of non-stop mining obviously that could fluctuate wildly depending on electricity costs and what happens in the crypto market so imo its not worth it just for mining, but if you need a gpu for a PC build its a different story

        • Thank you for the heads up. Sounds like I need to actually do some calculations in order to understand it better.

          • @CoronavirusVaccine: Nice Hash will do them for you :) Just gotta check your last bill and find out how much eleggtricity costs.

            I ended up going with a 3060Ti in the last deal instead of waiting, I've figured I'll just mine with it when not in use and absorb the difference relatively easily that way.

            • @Momble: IIRC Nice Hash gives the profitability of the card without considering the power consumption of the rest of the system. Suppose an 6600XT consumes 160W and gives $2.5 profit per day - but to do this I would need to turn on the system and that idles around 50W so after adding that the profitability is even lower. Is there a way to put in the deadweight system losses into the profitability calculator?

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    Got one of these with an 5 5600x and im crushing games at 1440p

  • It's back at $849 now

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    Price back to $719. Just ordered one on back order.
    Edit: maybe it was just one: it's no longer available now.

    • yeah i saw that as well. However, dispacth in 1 to 2 months…

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        Yeah, that's right. If I can get a better deal on something else in the meantime, I'll just cancel the order.

        • was you got charge straight away or only when it's about to get dispacth?

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            @legelas: As far as I know (with past orders), they only charge when they ship. They didn't charge straight away this time either.