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I literally just pull on the 7900xtx like 3 days ago. Should have hold
02/03/2024 - 10:34
nvidia card is getting lower. Any chance amd card will do the same? was eyeing on 7900 xtx
26/02/2024 - 21:05
wait what is wrong with centrecom? I have been shopping with them for ~2 years
24/02/2024 - 17:23
Ye I hope I can get it. Also found this PNY version for 10$ more. Not sure if it is any better or worse 1,359.15 after 15% discount…
13/02/2024 - 17:25
dam I want to buy it, but got nothing to test if the Cpu work or not, still trying to stack components
12/02/2024 - 19:01
kinda weird how the non rgb doesn't come with AM5 socket support but the ARGB one is
12/02/2024 - 17:22
the website lmao. I am not sure if they keep that for artistic or just too lazy to change
10/02/2024 - 21:00
should I upgrade this from 3060ti? though my psu is 750w
10/02/2024 - 15:09
lmao, that heatsink is hugeeeeee.
07/02/2024 - 15:41
wasnt that the quest is for? quest 2 come around ~400. It is standalone, does not need computer
30/01/2024 - 17:32
How is this a deal?, may as well buy a new high end pc and still got spare for a good VR. Sorry no offense to OP but Apple just outrageous…
30/01/2024 - 17:00
how is this compare to WH-CH520 from Sony? I was thinking of getting new headphone
26/01/2024 - 14:06
nice, speed run diabetes, here I go!
09/01/2024 - 15:59
it is kind of hard to spell gacha without the grind so yes still grindy
16/08/2023 - 21:30
anyone know if you can play co-op with people on steam with gog version?
03/08/2023 - 19:37
we must hold brother....they are baiting us with those inflation price (even though it look juicy as hell)
08/03/2022 - 16:48
remember when ryzen 3600 and 3060 deal is at 1298. I member
10/02/2022 - 15:44
any pc case with front mesh will do if you want good airflow, don't buy any that will have side mesh airflow Front mesh intake case:…
07/11/2021 - 23:38
I am against using any 120mm liquid cooler. You can get any 240mm (make sure to check the review) I have used the 212 series. The fan can…
07/11/2021 - 18:43