Buying HP X360 2 in 1 Laptop - Does It Have a Backlit Keyboard?

I’m interested in buying that HP x360 2 in1 laptop, just wanted to confirm if it has a backlit keyboard? I went to YouTube videos and seems to show a few videos posted 2018-2021 for x360s having the keyboard light up pressing the F key?


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    Which exact model are you looking at? There are quite a few different HP 360 laptops.

    • I asked JBHIFi for the 2F9G4PA they went to check about 10mins and said there is no backlight? I asked someone else and said there is pretty confusing.

      Been told only the high end models have the light really?

  • I have an HP Elitebook x360 2in1, and can confirm there is a backlight. There is an Fn key that allows you to toggle between off, low, med, and high settings.

  • Yep, have a x360 15.6" +,+,+ here. Good bit of gear.
    Fn F5 and yours covered! :)