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Renpho Electric Eye Massager with Heat $51.99 Delivered ($28 off) @ Renpho Wellness AU Amazon AU

  1. Powerful Heating Massage, Reduce Eye Strain: Renpho eye massage adopts kneading, trigger point therapy, oscillating pressure, and rhythmic percussion massaging for your choice. Built-in heating pads provide a comfortable temperature between 104 and 107 degrees Fahrenheit(40℃-42℃), better for relaxing eye strain, eye puffiness, dry eyes, sinus pressure, and headaches
  2. Sleep Helper: Our eye therapy machine can effectively help you be refreshed after long-day work.
  3. 180° Adjustable & Portable Design: This eye massager can be folded into a smaller one and packed into a provided case, so you can take it to the office, airplane, traveling.
  4. Wireless Customizable Music: Built-in speakers and prerecorded nature sounds enhance relaxation. You can even connect via Wireless to play your own playlists.
  5. Ideal Gifts & 12 Months Worry-free - Every Renpho's massager uses a well-built package & a good unboxing experience. Renpho is well-known for the highest quality products
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  • Just got the foot massager, thinking what it would like to put eye massager, back and neck massager on at the same time 🤣

    • +12

      Don’t forget the fleshlight.

      • -1

        Unless you accidentally it

    • Foot massager any good?

    • I've got an Osem foot massager, this eye massager and a back massager and a neck massager which you manipulate with pressure once you slide your arms into the holes.

      Yes, I have used them all together, and it's as good as a multi-thousand dollar massage chair, as long as you have a comfortable recliner chair.

  • if anyone has tried this i'd be curious to know how effective it is

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      I used to get those Japanese heat pads from Daiso for eyes and switched to this.

      I bought it during the Prime Day sale - I use it for the heat only mode as the other modes although good its overwhelmingly loud and distracting so I try to avoid those modes. Its really good for tired/dry eyes would recommend to those who want to relax their eyes.

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      Pretty happy with mine. Was a bit sceptical but bought on lightning sale and have had them over 2 years now. I got them mainly because I do a lot of screen work and my eyes get tired. Has a number of modes but I usually use sleep mode. Fairly loud and feels a bit strange at the start but the weird thing is they always put me to sleep. The noise becomes white noise after a few minutes and is oddly soothing. The heat pads are awesome for tired eyes.

      • thanks both of you :)

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      I've got this exact model. When you turn it on, it says something in English like"Beautful eyecare for your pleasure" and then it does it's thing. It's pretty good, but it's not like I come home eveveryday waiting to use it.

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    Camel says it's often $60 so putting $28.00 off in the title is misleading.

    I did a search on Aliexpress for Electric Eye Massager with Heat & this one came up as the most popular (302 orders) - US$27.98 + GST + $2.62 shipping (~AU$46.40)
    How does yours differ from this one Rep?

  • can you do a deal on the heated leg massager?

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    I was sceptical too but when its price (with coupon) dropped to to $35, I got a similar one https://www.amazon.com.au/ICLEVER-Massager-Bluetooth-Recharg...

    I like it and use it regularly.

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    I’ve bought, used and returned this back a while ago. It was on special for $52 a year ago too, so this price is nothing special.

    The device is way too noisy to me comfortable. It’s on your face, you want to relax and all you’re hearing is what sounds like gears grinding; far from relaxing. I suppose it does add pressure to your face, but I found it to be a gimmick.

    Returned it for a refund as soon as I could.

  • I've had LASIK surgery before and I've been suffering from dry eyes, I want to get one of those eye massagers but kind sceptical about it, any one has actually found its useful or just gimmicks?

    • When I saw the Optometrist, he recommended heat. The heat function on this isn't too hot, and I suffered from dry eyes as well and I feel it's help me.

  • I bought a different brand for around $35 on sale recently
    You have different functions, I just do the all-in-one and I do enjoy the massage. The heat function isn't very hot either, and the vibration isn't very strong.

    It's a little noisy, but nothing that actually distracts me. Some people are very sensitive tho.

    Honestly I was pretty impressed, especially for $35. I think people sometimes have huge expectations for very little money.

  • Vibrator for the eyes

    • for the eyes

      Which one?