Free Christmas Ham Worth $125 When You Spend $199 and Subscribe @ Our Cow


First 500 New Members will receive a FREE Christmas Ham valued at $125!

If You Value Organic and Grass Fed Meat, and You Also Value Your Time By Having Your Food Delivered, Then You Will Love Being a Member of Our Cow’s Exclusive Eaters Club.

Simply Build A Box to the value of $199 or more, choosing from our selection of Grass Fed Beef, Lamb, Free Range Pork and Organic Chicken. Select subscribe and choose your delivery frequency. We will include a FREE Christmas Ham valued at $125!

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  • Shouldn't it be beef?

  • +2

    Size of ham would be useful info..

    • +2

      Judging by the rest of their prices $125 will get you about 2kg of ham and bone

  • +18

    That ham's not free, you're paying for it in the regular price of their other products if you're subscribing to $200 orders.

    Beef chuck $24/kg
    Beef mince $24/kg
    Beef brisket $32/kg
    Pork ribs $30/kg
    Pork butt $30/kg

    Would've thought subscribing to bulk orders would get you a discount.

    • +3

      That's very expensive

    • They’re asking for it if they post this as a bargain on oz bargain

  • +5

    I prefer the Chrisco lady. Who remembers her?

  • $125?? Is this an entire pig???

  • +1

    Great for making rum ham

  • +1

    I read the title as Free Chris Hemsworth… :P

    • same

    • Don't you mean Chris Hamsworth ? lol

  • +5

    Hardly free. Buy $100 worth of meat for $200 and get a free $125 ham worth $50…

    • Or $14 out of colesworth.

  • This is bullshit.

  • +1

    TIL organic chicken costs 3x non-organic…

    $40 for 1kg of chicken breasts! $31.50/kg at Woolies for reference.

  • $25kg for chicken necks!!!!

  • +6

    "Our founders bought their farm 3.5hrs inland from Byron Bay " why mention Byron Bay when the farm is over 300km's from it?? tenterfield is only 200KM from Byron:) hahaha

  • That's some expensive meat: $24/kg for mince?

    • -1

      I'm not sure I'd agree. Their mince is about $20/kg if you look at the mince box.

      That's the exact same price Coles and Woolies sell their 5 star mince for - although this stuff isn't coming from industrial feedlots and is instead free range grass fed beef?

      Comparing it to supermarket quality and prices isn't exactly like for like

      • You also don't have to buy $200 all at once at coles. You're meant to get it cheaper if you buy more. Coles does this too, their 4 star is $18/kg if you buy 500g but $15/kg if you buy 800g. So extrapolating that to 8kg+, you'd expect it to be quite a lot lower. Also you're looking at the 5 star, coles 3 star is $12/kg. I couldn't find any information on the fat content or any other details of the meat.

  • Much $

  • +3

    $23 for a kilo of mince beef…. Keep dreaming

    • Vs $20/kilo at the supermarkets for their 5 star mince?

      • Supermarket meat is rubbish. Most decent butchers will charge around $16/kg for good mince (not so many lips and ar$eholes)

        …and these guys are charging $24/kg

        • *$20/kg, 5kg for $99 is their mince price

          But get what you're saying, butchers are cheaper

          • @buckster: $20/kg is their bulk price, the kilo price for mince is $24/kg.

            5kg is a hell of a lot of mince for a normal household and will need freezing pretty quick if you're not ready for a massive cook up. Retail customers committing to that much mince would expect a decent discount.

            But get what you're saying, butchers are cheaper

            Butchers have better quality meat than supermarkets.

  • +2

    Tough crowd here, and that's even before anti-meat activists jump in.

    Prices are indeed expensive when compared to supermarket "meat". But getting a free ham is an actual deal, so it's worth posting to ozb.

    There are real people out there (, trying new supply channels for their meat - good on them for trying.

    The web domain is registered for business in that actual area (NSW 2469) so it looks like they're doing it on their own (which is also good).

    It's a hard work on the farm, some comments here are too quick to sh*t on that work, forgetting where their food comes from.

    Thank you, farmers.

    • +1

      Tough crowd here

      I guess you're new, welcome to OzBargain.

      $24/kg for mince or $26/kg for chicken necks is highway robbery and I guess we shouldn't be surprised that they're pushing their association with Byron Bay.

      Mate I'm all for supporting our farmers and understand how tough they're doing it. I'd love to see more options for buying direct but don't expect to pay a premium for the privilege when buying in bulk.

      I understand it's a massive jump going from raising cattle to sell at the yards to now having to manage transport to the abattoir, butchering, packaging, storage, marketing, logistics, retail customers etc etc etc…maybe more coops is the answer. FWIW I hate buying any fresh produce from supermarkets and will only do it a few times a year when I don't have any alternative.

    • $32 a kg for an unknown brisket? Justify that…

      • +1

        It's from Byron Bay darling

  • Definitely not a bargain

  • too expensive sorry

  • Don't have a cow man