ALDI Thicknesser availability?

Folks, can anyone guess when Aldi might sell it's Thicknesser again?
I've been watching for quite a while, but so far to no avail. Is there some sort of cycle they use?

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  • planer thicknesser was last sold 28 nov 2020, so i would guess in oct/nov

    • I've had one for two years.
      They are a good, basic machine.
      Not fantastic, but perfectly suited to basic woodwork.
      When it comes back on sale, check Bunnings for the similar Ryobi.

      • bunnings haven't matched with ryobi in recent years.

        the ryobi and aldi one look pretty much identical. different power switch is about the only difference i can pick

  • Thanks folks, that's most helpful. I'll be patient a little longer.
    I'd rather a Ryobi warranty, but can see that may cost me.