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Ryobi 1500W Planer Thicknesser $329 (was $499) @ Bunnings


Bunnings have dropped the price on the Ryobi thicknesser to compete with Aldi's upcoming offering https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-20-... .

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These can be hard to find in stock and don't think Bunnings dropped the price last year so if you're considering then i'd say act fast.

UPDATE: Price may show as $499 in some stores. Add to cart and price should update to $329 (Credit VAA)

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    • Alan?

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    This is a great deal. I got the DeWalt one for what was a bargain 1k a couple of months ago, all things considered this represents better value I feel.

    I hope we see a good deal on a Planer Jointer some time

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        I wish I had his shop! FYI a thicknesser planer and a jointer planer are tools that work together to consistent flat squared pieces. I am sure the video you shared will explain that! I am making do without a jointer for now but it is a lot of hassle.

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          I wish my shed was half that neat…

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          I built a planer sled for my thicknesser because I don't have the space for a jointer. Takes 30mins to build one.
          Works perfectly. And for straight edges, a well calibrated circular saw will do it once you've got top and bottom parallel.
          On narrower pieces, I've even used my router to get straight edges.

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        I guess we’ve graduated to the expensive toys.

      • I like how the title of the video is "Tools you DON'T need: " and then goes on to say you need them all plus additional ones.

        • Clickbait.

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            @jv: yeah. wouldn't surprise me if he also ran a tool shop that sold those items.

  • says $499 when i click on the link

    • What state/store are you looking in? Showing $329 for my local in Vic

      • $499 showing in VIC for me…

        • I tried a few stores. Most $329 but am getting some showing $499. Odd

      • -2

        It's only showing this price for the Bayswater store when I check. Most showing $499.

    • $499 at all my local stores (Qld)

      • Add to cart. Price should update to $329. Just tried for QLD and worked.

        • 329 for vic for me and same price on their trade site

      • Price now shows online as $329. Just picked up one to have as a spare :-)

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      Tried a few Adelaide stores - Parafield and Prospect showing $499, Modbury and Windsor Gardens showing $329

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        Looks to be sporadic. Thanks for listing the stores with the reduced price.

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    Showing as $329 for me in NSW

    • Ditto - Kirrawee low stock, Caringbah none.

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    Add it to the cart and go to checkout - The price will change from A$499 to A$329. Just purchased one fro Smithfield, NSW. It was showing 499.

    I have the Dewalt thicknesser W735-XE I purchased from Bunnings when it was on special for 999 and is still not opened and under 30days. Any one can suggest on which one to keep?

    • Good work. I've updated the description to highlight this

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        Thanks for putting it in the description.

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      Depends on what your plans are. A lot of guys with serious workshops still use the Dewalt so you aren't going to go wrong with it.

      • I do cnc carving and thought this will be handy to straighten reclaimed wood. CNC carving requires the wood to be straight

        • recently got my CNC and was waiting for a thicknesser

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          Dewalt is leaps and bounds better and produces a better finish when setup properly. Depends on what your time is worth.

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            @zeomega: I do it as a hobby but wish to have the right equipment to compensate for lack of experience with woodworking.

            • @VAA: Pay to play then! Keep the Dewalt if you can afford it.

            • @VAA: Given you've already coughed up for the clearly superior product, I'd keep the clearly superior product (I just bought the Ryobi this morning, but the DeWalt would have been awesome :-D

              • @mickeyjuiceman: I love to keep it but would never have bought it if I had found this. Also I don’t see real good use of it in near future. The DeWalt one was also a bargain at 999. It was almost 200 off compared to other stores. I also purchased the in and out plate attachments for it

                • @VAA: Well, the DeWalt is clearly better, but $700 better? I guess that's the question. You can defo get good results with the Ryobi, but it's more work and still not quite as good as the DeWalt (especially with the spiral cutter)

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                    @mickeyjuiceman: A spiral cutter beats straight blades any day, they're fantastic! My planer/thicknesser has one and in over ten years of hobby use I've only needed to rotate one cutting head once (hit a nail). So glad I paid the extra.

                    • @banana365: Yeah, I'd love one, but not for $700+ extra. I can get by with the Ryobi I think :-D I'll mostly be using it for guitar bodies and so on, so heaps of sanding anyway getting it ready to finish

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      The DeWalt can be upgraded to a spiral head - not cheap as such but vastly reduces the noise and produces a finish that doesn't need hardly any sanding, plus cheaper to replace cutters if you damage them or they get blunt. Less snipe on the DeWalt than Ryobi if you adjust both correctly.

      • The DeWalt produces a finish that doesn't need sanding even with standard cutters. At least on the Walnut I'm currently using.
        It really is incredible.

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          May I ask where you get your timber from?

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            @VAA: Sure. Local (Sydney) suppliers.
            Bit of a drive for me, but they've got a nice selection of timber.
            Have also been to Swadlings at Annandale as well, they have some really exotic stuff hidden at the back.

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              @beatsntoons: Thanks very much for sharing the timber suppliers. How are Mathews' prices? Do they carry all the timbers listed on their timber species page? If so, it's a great selection.

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                @jabo: Well, they carry them, but might not have everything in stock on a given day :)
                Walnut for example, ebbs and flows. Apparently lots of people buying it to make gun stocks?! So they told me anyway.

                But just give them a call, they're a friendly bunch. They'll tell you what they've got in stock on a given day and when they are expecting another batch if they don't have it.

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                @VAA: by the way, apparently Anogate is really good. I've not been there but keep being recommended them.
                Not the cheapest, however.

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              @beatsntoons: awesome, will have to check out these places once i'm up to speed on my CNC

              • @impoze: Have you just started with CNC or have good experience? Asking as wanted to know which wood be good for carving. I use Tasmanian oak panels from Bunnings but the carving is not that great

                • @VAA: I just got my 3018

                  So far have only cut down a spoil board for it but have some wood lined up to try a catch all tray and some engraving.

                  The panel i got to try out is also from bunnings but keen to get some nice wood later on from the places recommended below.

                  • @impoze: Good way to start. I started with 3018 and quickly jumped on to 1010. What do you plan to carve?

                    • @VAA: Yeah looking to get a larger one one i clear out some space and wife has seen what's possible with a cnc 😁

                      Looking to mainly make catch all trays and try some inlays later on

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    went through to checkout for $329, thanks OP was waiting for this since seeing the Aldi one.

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    As usual with these deals….

    Why is it called a thicknesser when it actually thins your timber?

    I propose a name change to thinener.

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      I think thinesser is more appropriate using your logic.

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      It's called a thicknesser, not a thickener. Thickener is something that makes something thicker. Thicknesser is something that makes something a set thickness.

      • That makes sense. Cheers

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          And planers are called that because they make a nyyeeeoooow sound, just like a plane flying just overhead.


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    Dang, they reduced the Ryobi the time before and the time after I got my ALDI one, but not last year when I bought it. Ah well, the ALDI one is pretty solid, definitely good value for the price.

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    This is a better one to pick up that the Aldi unit, simply because of the Bunnings warranty. It's a new for old swap within the first three years, while at Aldi the best you might do is a refund if it goes bang…

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      while at Aldi the best you might do is a refund if it goes bang…

      That might be a better option for some if you've finished your project and unlikely to use it again.

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        @jv But it's unlikely that you've finished your project if you need to return it under warranty!

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          It's all about timing…

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        Who even finishes a project within 3 years though? /s

  • I do wish I had room for one…

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      get a room!

    • +3

      Buy this and build the room!

  • I want this, I wish I needed it but I would probably only use once a year :(

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    Is it a car wash?

    • no mate, it's a balloon maker

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    picked one up in store, seemed to be the last one.

    Sure if heavy!

    • They're meant to be. You don't want it swaying about in use :)

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    I was literally thinking of getting one when I woke up this morning. Perfect timing.

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    Have had a OzB alert on this for just shy of 2 years, finally got a ping and went straight to Bunnings and grabbed one, cheers!

  • How long is the warranty on this one?

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      Someone earlier said you can register online for an extended 4 years warranty.

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        Guess it would fall under 'corded power tools', gets 4 years out of the box: https://www.ryobi.com.au/support/warranties

        • Thanks for going to the effort of finding that! I was in the middle of work and was browsing ozbargain when I should've been working - a friend actually pinged me about this one. Wanted to make the effort, but also thought "I really should be working" :P

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    Do I need it, no, did I buy it, yes!

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    Picked up the second last one at Ashfield, Thing is bloody massive, not sure how to hide this one from the wife!

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      Build a shed with it to keep it in

      • +3

        The thicknesser or the wife?

  • Sorry, just curious. What does this do? I honestly don’t know.

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    Thanks OP, grabbed the last one in Kirrawee just now.

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