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Ryobi 1500W Planer Thicknesser $329 (was $499) @ Bunnings


Bunnings have dropped the price on the Ryobi thicknesser to compete with Aldi's upcoming offering https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-20-... .

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These can be hard to find in stock and don't think Bunnings dropped the price last year so if you're considering then i'd say act fast.

UPDATE: Price may show as $499 in some stores. Add to cart and price should update to $329 (Credit VAA)

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  • Damnit, I REALLY need this a week ago (Proof https://ibb.co/4NsgFmF).
    Btw the Ferrex table saw is total junk.

    • Super glad they didn't send any out to the regional areas, then…

    • Would you please kindly elaborate? I have one still sealed in the box. I may return it if it's not good enough.

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        I had mine sealed in the box for months.

        1.- Fence doesn't attach straight… you can get it straightish, but there's about 17mm play top<>bottom..
        2.- Dust extraction/guard on the top is useless and you can't push wood through without it catching on the hose and you need to raise the blade all the way just to get 35mm cut. Without the guard it's OK.
        3.- The whole table's a bit wonky and cheap pressed thin steel.
        4.- You have to let the on/off cover down slowly so it doesn't cut power.
        5.- Rails are jammed bcos of the wonky stamp steel table.
        6.- Rocks a "bit" like a table at the local corner chinese take away.
        7.- Angle fence = useless.

        Motor and blade aren't bad.
        I guess being the cheapest table saw we should expect the worst quality.
        If you're good making your own fences and jigs, you can make it work.

        What's Aldi's return policy? I've assembled it and done about 10 cuts.

        • Thanks mate, I may return mine.
          60 days return, Need the original receipt (or other proof of purchase), ideally with packaging.

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    I had one of these. used it for about 18 months, and it finally died (started smoking and banging). used it to clean up old hardwood mostly. replaced it with one of these :


    no comparison- would never use another thicknesser without a helical head- it is so quiet, and cuts are super quick and smooth- hardly any need to sand afterwards. well worth paying the extra if you are going to use it enough.

    was easy to get a refund at Bunnings

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    Thanks OP. My local stores do not even stock this so found one left at Port Stephens 250 k's away, did click n collect and rang brother to pick it up. Now I hope he visits before Christmas as it's my present from me to me.

  • I’ve heard people talk about saving money by using rough timber and using this to near it up for a better use - where would people get rough timber?
    Something gets sold cheaper or you need to go searching used timber from demolitions?

    • +1

      Sometimes people get rid of old furniture on the side of the road (recently found a damaged 1920's cabinet / cupboard - had plenty of salvageable oak). See people giving away free timber from demolitions on facebook market place sometimes (if the house was older likely to be hardwood or perhaps oregon). Sometimes people list furniture pieces for $20-$50 as well, depending on the item and wood it would likely cost more if buying the timber compared to just buying the furniture and cutting it up to repurpose the timber for what you need.

      Handy to run through cutting / serving boards after glue up as well.

  • I ordered one yesterday online from my local store that had plenty in stock. The next day, ALL Bunnings in the area are out of stock and my order, whilst paid for, is still pending. I'm expecting the outcome to be either:

    1. They refund me
    2. They try and swap it for some other/similar item
    3. They keep my order on hold until more come in stock.

    I'd be happy with either outcome, but suprised I've heard nothing yet…

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      Happened to be in Maryborough, and there was one still left on the shelf. So looks like I finally have one!

    • Bought one. Collected it. Opened to find it had been hit by something very hard. The foam packaging had been split in multiple areas. Top guard was detached and not fixable.
      Returned for refund since no nearby stock.
      Hope you don't get this one that will probably be recirculated…

      • Which store?

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    2 still available at Bunnings Bendigo

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