This was posted 1 year 7 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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1500W Planer Thicknesser $299 at ALDI


Finally on again. The real bargain will be if Bunnings discounts their Ryobi equivalent since they don't have any competing Ozito offering, so I'm holding out for that. See dealbot's post for full catalogue.

  • 1500w
  • twin blades operating at up to 10,000rpm
  • 318mm max width
  • 10-158mm height

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  • +22

    thicknesser sounds like a made up word, lol

    • +66

      All words are made up ;)

    • +12


      • FIknaysir?

        • +2

          Phikkin''ell. This is really starting to wear pretty thin.

    • +18

      Not sure why. It's a perfectly cromulent word.

    • Just wait till you hear about doneness.

    • +6

      true and you'd think calling it a thinnesser would be more appropriate as it makes things thinner not thicker

    • +1

      This is more like a thin-nesser. I'd say chocolate is more of a thicknesser.

  • +2

    " if Bunnings discounts their Ryobi equivalent"

    A $300 discount? Now that would be an OzBargain

    • +10

      They did it March last year, will see if they do it this time.

      • I thought I remembered the Ryobi being a great price last year.
        Well done.

    • +1

      I did get the Ryobi one discount by that much the last time ALDI had their sale 🙂

      • +3

        Mine is still in the box!

    • Yep got it last year…. still haven't used it though.

      • The tool you want, but never use..

    • The unit is around $540 on eBay

  • +18

    Here's a video: titled "Why you need a planer thicknesser" in south eastern English.

    • +11

      Pizzaguy delivers!

      Now I know I don't need one, but just want one

      • Me too

      • Pizzaguy delivers!

        Ah yes, the catchphrase of Domino's and Eagle Boys everywhere

    • +1

      If Trainspotting was about a carpenter

    • Don't be picking on the Victorians again, just when they thought they had escaped it!

    • +2

      Isnt this a scottish accent?

    • He's a Jock, not English!

      • I can't tell. The about in the company's youtube channel says SE England, that was my only hint. No hard feelings.

    • Can you use it for hair cuts?

    • Is that Ringo ?

  • Thought this was another airfryer with a weird name

    • +2

      And from the pic l thought it was a 3D printer…….. Too many beers !!

  • +1

    the T H I C C N E S S E

    • THIC? Aldi should advertise it on Instagram.

  • I really want the ryobi one

    • +1

      It’s good. Got one last time.

      • +1

        Still in the box?

  • Thicknesser…a new scent by L'Oreal

  • +2

    Not tempted to buy this , mainly because I don't have a clue what it is.

    • +12

      Rookie mistake

      • +3

        Buy first. Work out wtf it is later

  • I'm thankful to have access to an industrial thicknesser, saves so much time sanding rough timber.

  • +5

    Friend lost half a finger to a planer thicknesser. Stay safe OzB

    • Ouch! What happened?

      • +28

        He lost half a finger to a planer thicknesser.

        • Owie, what occurred?

          • +3

            @iMagoo: She lost half a digit to a plain thickshake.

            • @BadPanda: But as a side benefit it's now a strawberry thickshake. Silver linings.

            • +2

              @BadPanda: I gained a digit due to thickshakes, around the waist.

        • I guess I wanted to know what was the mistake he made, not paying attention, ran his hand through with the plank, machine malfunction, something else etc.

          • +2

            @serpserpserp: Probably got his hand near the intake and then got it compressed under the roller and then into the blade.

            Don't put your hands anywhere you wouldn't put you dick

        • +1

          I almost did one better… I had some loose shorts on, no undies, and as I was feeding some timber through, the loose material in my groin area got caught between the timber and the infeed tray. As it fed through, my loose scrotum skin got fed in as well. As the wood fed through it then put extreme pressure between it and the infeed compressing my loose scrotum skin into a skin deep pancake. Luckily I was able to hit the power button and raise the blades. Blood everywhere and a jagged scar to this day on my man sack.

          Lesson learnt - don't wear loose clothing around machinery…

          • @Lasher: Cheap vasectomy option….

          • @Lasher: Have lost address of a USA website that teaches you all how to safely use Power Tools, and tells you what safety gear you need to buy or make. Will post on here when I find it

        • He was not being careful and not using it correctly - I have one from Aldi a great buy but under their 2020 policy each store will not have many in stock

  • +4

    Perfect. My wood needs more thickness.

  • +1

    Oooo please do post if Bunnings to lower the cost of the Ryobi!

  • +1

    But is this going to be yet another "special buys" but no stock due to covid, wait until our limited stock arrives etc deal

    • Expect your store to get 3

      • yeah in 3 months time

      • If you are not among the first 3 people through the door forget about it

        • Yup - last year I was lucky to pick up the last unit in my local Bunnings. As I was looking at another item, some other guy showed up asking for one and they pointed to mine in the trolley. I raced over and said…nope!

  • Sounds like a few own them here, can you tell us how you use them, ie what types of projects? And how often you use them?

    • +1

      Own neither the ALDI nor the Ryobi from Bunnings but I do own a Carbatec thicknesser.

      I used it for making large planks of wood smooth and the same thickness. One example: I made a table from old floor joists and bearers which I bought from a local demolition yard. They were pretty rough and some a few mm different thicknessers.
      Running them through the thicknesser got rid of all the rough and made them smooth (not quite as smooth as a sander would do but much more consistent) and also the same dimensions.

      And yeah, it's really a thinnesser.

      • I bought the Aldi one a couple of years ago it is designed in Germany they are first sold under Brand Name SCHEPPACH then when new model comes out or it has been on market for years then it is manufactured under many brand names such as Aldi's brand names. It does a great job especially cleaning up pallet timber. Plus if you are building off USA plans it is great for converting your timber to size required for plan.

  • +7

    if you think about it its really a Thinnesser

    • Do you measure your meat by how thin it is or how thick it is?

      • If I cut a slice off the top of a steak to make it cook quicker I’d say I made it thinner.

        • Oohh good answer!

        • -1

          But when you cut it, you were looking at making that slice a certain "thickness". No says, "Can you cut my steaks to be 1 inch thin"…

  • A what now? Googles in astonishment… "I didn't know men could build such things"

  • Does Bunnings do price guarantee? Should I just buy one, keep unopened box. Either score the aldi one and return or claim price drop if it happens (or return/repurchase?)

    EDIT: bought one, will hold on unopened. stock seems extremely limited in my area so doubting they will discount or maybe they will knowing they have no stock but get people in store? who knows…

    • Usually they still do the sale and you can have them order one in on raincheck. So price is the same as the sale date. I've done it a few times now.

    • +2

      That's such a strange thing to do.
      An item may be 50% off in 2 weeks so you bought it now… Does it usually work out for you?

      • +1

        Probably plans to return it and then buy it straight back?

      • These and the ryobi table saws have had low/no stock in victoria for months now. Even harder to find ones used. (All stores in my area show out of stock)

        I’m guessing that they won’t magically ship in a bunch of these and neither will aldi so if by any chance i can sit on the 1 I did find in stock.

        I actually need one hence why I’m getting ahead of the game.

        My credit card also has price drop protection so I may test that out as well.

  • +6

    Down with the thickness.

  • +4

    there'll be 2 in most stores & gone before the start of the day

  • What's with the hype for a planer? I'm getting fomo… and I don't even know how I'd make use of it hahahH

    • Seems general consensus. Most are still in the box, unopened, unused and still new.
      You know you want one

    • It's the kind of tool that if you haven't realised you needed one up to now, you don't need one. If you do eventually need one it'll be for a body of work that makes it worth buying one at full price, or worth making the effort to find one quality second hand.

      Disclaimer: That advice comes from someone who bought a bandsaw a few weeks ago because it was cheap and I kind of figured I'd use it once I get around to setting it up, but I still haven't replaced my drill because I'm waiting for a good one to go on sale.

      • Did you also get a jointer to go along with your planer?

  • Why wait for the ryobi? They're an identical machine in different colours and on/off switch

    • +1

      Because good luck getting one

    • +1

      Because it's easier to deal with Bunnings if you actually need to claim warranty/need it replaced?

    • The point the OP is making is as if the ryobi is a better unit. It's not, they're the same unit.

      You're points for availability and replacement are valid though.

  • Is it good enough to work with hard woods like jarrah?

    • +1

      That was going to be my question. Has anyone actually taken either the aldi one or a ryobi one out of the box and used it?

      • +9

        Have used the ryobi one. Pretty typical performance to any similar lunchbox thiccnesser. A few observations:
        - Noisy AF with the straight blades especially on hardwood.
        - Need a decent dust extractor hooked up otherwise the dust chute gets blocked up pretty quickly.
        - Made a tonne of snipe no matter how much I adjusted the infeed and outfeed tables. Was manageable by sending a piece of scrap through directly before and after each piece or allowing plenty of length to cut it out after.
        - Decent enough finish on straight grain timber, but as expected with the straight blades could produce plenty of fuzzies and tearout on curly grains.
        - As long as was being sensible with cutting depth could still handle even old case hardened ironbark pretty well.

        • +2

          This guy thiccnesses

        • Big lunchbox… huge appetite!

      • +1

        I've got the aldi one and so far used it to make a few tables, cutting boards and a few other projects. I've got nothing to compare it to, but its handled everything I've thrown at it. It will cut hardwoods fairly well, as long you make multiple smaller passes, under a mm or so each. I knicked one of the blades early on by trying to take way too big a chunk out of a length of ironbark.
        New blades are $55 at bunnings and will fit in both machines. Since then I only make smaller passes and it's been perfect, even with ironbark.
        If the Ryobi one gets price matched, it might be the better deal as the off switch on the aldi is a little fiddly and due to the longer warranty.

      • +1

        I bought the ALDI one last year and it worked okay. But then I had issues with the power switch - it may have got some dust in it. So I took it back for a full refund. Then a week later I bought another one after it had reduced to $229. Been using it since without any issues. I just make sure I give it a good blow after each use with the air compresser to remove the dust.

    • Yep.
      It should easily handle hardwood.

    • +1

      Get tungsten blades it will last much longer. HSS blades are cheap and wear quickly.

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