Weber Baby Q1000 Vs 1200

Hi all
I’ve searched quite a bit lately about the Weber baby Q 1000 and 1200

The only differences I can tell are the following
- electric starter
- higher lid
- thermostat

The 1200 rarely goes on sale and I’ve actually looked at all the Weber specialist websites within Sydney and the north coast and they are all stable at $349 (every single one!!!) . Even the history of ozbargain only shows it going on sale a handful of times in Victoria (I’m Sydney based)

The 1000 seems to have gone as low as $250 (lower with gift cards and first responder discounts)

I’m contemplating either getting the 1200 at full price or waiting for a sale on the 1000 and hopefully save about $100. Will then look at spending the savings on accessories

It will be mainly used for camping and I’ll be cooking mainly freshly caught seafood, steaks and the occasional roast / ribs)

For those who have purchased the 1000 do you regret not getting the 1200

P.S love the look of the Red Weber 1200

Cheers all

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    Purchase the Q1000 on sale when <$279
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    Purchase the Q1200 at RRP


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    None of the features of the 1200 are critical. If it is for camping you want the smallest form factor usually.

    After you cook on it a few times you'll know how it works and how to best cook your fish.

    Edit: I'm not even sure with the higher lid that you'll be doing much roast cooking. I feel like even on the largest sized Weber it is a pain.

    • I feel like even on the largest sized Weber it is a pain.

      Why do you say that?

      I'm not sure on how much bigger the 1200 is than the 1000, but I've done quite a few roasts and smoking on my Q2200. I hate to think about trying to fit some of those cuts in a Q2000: some of them were a struggle in the 2200!

  • +2

    meh, i went back to good ol charcoal.

    better flavour

    • Definitely agree with you there! - unfortunately I only go camping a handful of times in the winter where I do bring our charcoal BBQ
      During summer and fire ban periods gas is the only way to go

  • The only feature that matters is the higher lid for roasts as it allows you to fit a taller roast though the difference is marginal. If you're not doing a lot of roasts or just do smaller ones then you'll get away with the 1000. FWIW I bought the 1200 as I mainly use it for roasts and I don't regret paying the higher price.

  • I'm in VIC.

    I don't think your research is entirely correct. I purchased my Q1200 in Aug 2019 and paid A$250 for it.
    I've kept the Q1200 as a search alert as well and alerted my mate to an offer a year later in Dec'20 for A$295:
    It's now 2021. Try them again in these couple of months?
    Also Foxy's appliances in the Mornington Peninsula also did a sale in Nov'20 for A$299
    If you're in desperation mode, pay the difference, it's worth it. Else keep your eyes peeled and use OZbargain alerts and ask your locals if they can price match?

    • Not arguing but I did see those deals on ozbargain hence the…..
      “ Even the history of ozbargain only shows it going on sale a handful of times in Victoria “
      I’ll place those alerts on! Great tip
      My local Weber specialist price matches so that’s why I was on Weber’s website checking all the stores online sites for any price
      Seems like Hawkesbury heating seem to have the odd deal now and then