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LEGO 10289 Botanical Collection Bird of Paradise $109.65 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Not quite the lowest it's been but if you missed the $103 deals a couple of months ago (like I did) this price of $109.65 is pretty close!

Also $109.65 at Big W, but not in stock near me so not worth it with delivery on top. Could be a better option for some though.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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Amazon AU


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      Most likely not genuine if purchased from Ali express

      • Oh yeah fair then! Please ignore then 👍

  • Max limit - 5x.

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    How many of the 1173 pieces is the potting mix?

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    Thanks for posting! Snapped one up. That's my entire Botanical Collection complete now (got the Bonsai Tree from Amazon delivered last week)!

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      I love the bonsai! I've had it on my desk for a while now, slowly adding the pink flowers as we come in to spring. Hoping to see more botanical sets in the future…I need more plants in my office that won't die when I forget to water them.

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    Hmmm… $100+ for a lego plant. I think I'll pass

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    even Games Workshop must look at some LEGO kits and think "wow, how can they charge so much for injected plastic?!"

    (good deal post by OP, but the pricing on some of these creator botanicals makes it only seem worthwhile if you're creating a Gene WIlder WIlly Wonker In Legoland plastic wonderland - in which case it would be an eccentric masterpiece)

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    is anyone into real plants any more or is it so pre-covid

    • Plants have actually taken off since Covid, a majority of my rarer ones are all selling at 5x multiples.

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    Thanks cmc, Christmas present sorted!

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    can get a real birds of paradise for the same price lol

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      Sure, but this one won't die when I forget to water it :)

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    Like…..wtf man…..

  • I saw these from a friend, will last forever.

  • Out of stock at both Amazon and Big W

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    back available