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[Android] RIDBC's Auslan Tutor - Free (Was $20) @ Google Play Store


Have you ever wonder what your favourite state premier's sign language translator is really saying at those press conferences? Now's your chance to find out! (and also talk to hearing impaired people)

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    Thanks, I'll check it out.

    It's worth being aware that Auslan varies a bit from State to State so wondering how this deals with this (looks like it is from NSW).

    • How are each state different? Is it just slang?

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        It's a while since I took classes but the reason was who first taught Auslan/Sign Language and IIRC it was Irish teachers in NSW and English in Victoria so that was the start. I guess it is sort of slang differences as one I think I remember was the sign for hungry from Victoria which meant somenthing different in NSW, it's a while ago though.

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        The Northern dialect is used in QLD and NSW while the rest use the Southern dialect. Hand signs between the two are mutually intelligible for the most part and you'll even be understood in Britain, but there are still a lot of differences if you learn in Melbourne then visit Sydney for example.

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          You'd think they'd have one standard in Australia by now. Sheesh.

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            @serpserpserp: It’s a language so just like spoken language there are regional variations.

          • @serpserpserp: Agreed it would be much better for wider adoption but unfortunately there's a lot of history and also the issue of which state would give up their dialect. Sure Sydney + Canberra are the main cities, but NSW/QLD are 2 vs 5 to VIC/SA/TAS/WA/NT.

            Imagine if the US told the UK and Australia that from now on everyone had to start speaking American. You'd tell em to get stuffed, wouldn't you :P

          • @serpserpserp: There should be just one world wide. Imagine a universal language!

          • @serpserpserp: Its different. I watched my mister on netflix and the sign IU uses to grandma is different.

          • @serpserpserp: I've thought about that for the global world, but then, I realised that if you're long distance away from each other, you can just talk in text lol.

      • The fingerspelling and most of the signs are the same, but there's a bit of variation even among the two dialects. For example, lots of the signs for colours are different across different states. The structure and grammar is pretty much the same across all of Australia, and a bit different to Britain (BSL, which Auslan developed from) and NZSL, but will be mostly mutually intelligible. If you're interested in learning, check if there's a course at a TAFE in your state, at Melbourne Poly all the teachers and tutors are Deaf, and there's online part time classes available for regional Vic.

    • I took a look and they use the Northern sign for '11' and the developers are based in North Rocks, NSW. Doesn't seem to be an option to view alternative signs like on Signbank. I like that they have notes for signs, e.g. for 'heart beat' they describe how you can modify the speed to indicate the heartbeat speed you're describing.

      Edit: Okay it looks like it's Northern, with some Southern signs. There's only Northern for numbers, but if you search for 'dangerous' you'll see separate entries for Northern and Southern. Most words don't seem to have both dialects though.

  • Thanks for this post!

    Will give it a try with the family.

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    Maybe I should learn sign languages. Maybe this is a sign.

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      I see what you did there…

  • Awesome, I am somewhat disappointed with myself that since the bush fires and covid.. I have learnt almost no Auslan, despite seeing it every day.

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      Turn your TV off. You're not learning anything from that either.

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    Thanks, ill learn it and practice hard to become the next Hokage.

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    The best app, I love it. I even paid the full price for it a few years ago, worth every cent. Words, numbers, it even has the relevant word in a few sentences to compound your learning experience

  • Is there an Apple version?

  • From a highly reputable organisation well worth supporting, as well as a really good skill to have.

  • Dang it. Thought I'd download it for when I find some free time to do something worthwhile with my life, and found it is already installed :(

  • Thanks OP

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