Cost of Tyre Installation and Wheel Alignment for 2012 Mazda 2 - Size 185/55/15

My mechanic recommended that I change my tyres. I have already looked at Tyroola for some tyres. Just wondering what would be the general cost of installation and wheel alignment? I'm from Sydney.


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    Call a couple of places around your area to get a quote?

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    This thread is a complete waste of time - are we talking for a moped, a Fiat 500 or a Porsche 911?

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      My bad. It's a 2012 Mazda 2. Wheel size is 185/55/15 if that's important.

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        In that case roughly $25/corner to remove old tyres and fit and balance customer supplied tyres with no disposal.

        Many tyre shops will include removing, fitting, balancing and disposal in their new tyre price.

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      I just take the Trolley Back, get my $2 and wait until I need another one… sometimes even free trolleys. Good times! :+)

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    Fitting, new valves, balancing & old tyre disposal is usually included in the tyre cost.

    Wheel alignment is usually $99 but places like Bob Jane waive that for you if you buy & replace 4 tyres.

    Some places like BJ also have a 3 months later free service to check your alignment and pressures.

    Try as well for a comparison.

    Goodyear and Bridgestone have buy 3 get 1 free offers making it ~$120 each.

    • Bought a new set at Bob Jane recently. You are right that everything are free except that the wheel realignment was offered to me for $35. I had to sign a waiver that I elected not to get the wheel realignment and that if the new tyres are damaged as a result it would be my own responsibility.

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        Maybe it depends on what tyres are purchased or something. I got free wheel alignment when getting my KO2s and then again 3 months later at the free checkup.

    • Thanks for that. I will give them a call.

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    How hard is it to call and get a quote?

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      More difficult than posting at OzB. lol

      • Probably will cop less flak if they say I've called up place A, given me $x and place B says it will cost me $y, does this sound about right.

      • Obviously hard enough to warrant posting for the first time in 3.5 years, waiting around twiddling your thumb for an answer from OzB.

      • My theory (untested) to get the best OzBargain price is -

        Get two quotes.
        Then post the lower one as a deal, pointing out the better price.
        Note in the post what a genius you are. Also mention how superior you choice of car is.
        The OzBargain community then will delight in pointing out much better prices.

        • Isn't that the same as IRC?

          Ask a question - get flamed.
          State an opinion, someone will correct you.

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    These would be hard to beat for value on a Mazda2 2012.
    $90 is the price including fitting and balancing

    Only problem (depending on location) is getting there.

    I'm a bit fussy with my tyres and I'd happily pay $20 more per tyre for something like a Continental ContiEcoContact 5 if it was my own can.

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    • Thanks.

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      Exactly this. Tempe tyres for me are always generally very competitive.

      If theyre too far for u, call up Bob Jane or similar and ask them to price match it. I've done this twice without issues. Just remember to add about $50 to the price to include the wheel alignment

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      Went with your recommendation and got the Kumho. Great tyres with lots of grip. Although they do have a bit of understeer.

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        Lots of grip but understeer….

        Can someone explain how this can be true? I mean, suspension could play a part but that would also be true for the previous tyre.

        Perhaps it's just more grip than the previous tyre?

      • Thanks for letting me know - I'm about to get the same for my sister in law's Mazda 2 - as soon as I'm allowed to drive there that is :)

        I've had a similar looking Kumho previously (older generation) and was impressed in terms of value for money

  • Installation is usually included in the price of the tyre.

    Wheel alignment is another $35~.

    185 55 15

  • was the place that did it to me, good stuff.
    I forgot the cost, but it was cheap and they didn't even charge for the puncture repair I needed on another tyre. I will go back there.

  • You're in Sydney.
    Go to Tempe tyres.
    Or, look on the Tempetyres website if you are too far away, then call around Kmart tyre and auto and ask for a price match.

    Best place for a wheel alignment - if you are anything like me and super fussy with the alignment, then go to the manufactures service department (imo) or peddlers as your best bet.

    However, many of the tyre shops are pretty good too.

  • Do you mean fit only or supply the tyres and fit?

    As others have said, go to a Tempe Tyres branch.

    Don't go cheapest.

    I would fit Michelin XM2 @$125 each fitted/balanced & a new valve. I've had them on other cars. They grip well in all weather and last crazy long.

    A 4 wheel alignment will be around $60-$80 from most shops. Somewhere really good like Heasemans will be $140-$180 but worth the cost.

    If you want to spend a little less then the Dunlop, Goodyear or Conti are OK.

    Tyroola have the same tyres for similar price if you need the convenience