expired Steam - 2K Games Weekend. Everything Up To 50% Off! New Specials Every Day.


2K have having a sale on in Steam. Up to 50% off all their titles! And they are having a different special every day.

Friday 9th: 75% Off Borderlands Franchise.
Saturday 10th: 75% Off Mafia Franchise.
Sunday 11th: 75% Off Bioshock Franchise.
Monday 12th: 75% Off Sid Meier's Civilization® V

Enjoy :)

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    Already saw this earlier today - I just got Joe's Adventure for Mafia 2, and the Doctor who Cloned me DLC for Duke Nukem Forever.

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    As always with these sales, wait until the end to see if the thing you want gets a daily 75% off special, and just pick it up at the end if it doesn't.

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    i want Borderlands 2 deal :(

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      Same - they keep pushing the same deal for Borderlands. It's been on sale so many times now… I'm looking forward to the sequel though!


    Good bargins in the US version of the store… 2k is well known for Regional Pricing on steam…

    Recommend getting ur account unlocked…

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    Borderlands Game of the year edition for $7.50 is a deal for sure. Hours and hours of game play there, best experienced in co-op, dont play on your own. BL2 out this year also, looks ace.


      I grabbed it during the winter sales and absolutely loved it! It gone back up to $14.99 now, but any of you guys thinking about buying it, DO IT! And grab a copy for a friend as well!


    meh region pricing on mafia 2, at 75% off its dodgy 7.50 in the us still 20 bux here, certianly no deal!

    digital download on amazon is 7.50 though!!

    sweet borderlands 2 on amzon as well!

    bioshock is also on sale…
    9.99 download…think it deserves its own deal…

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