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20% off All Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Hampers @ Pet Hamper


SPECIAL SALE FOR Pawrents and their pets

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Use the Coupon Code for all WINE AND CHAMPAGNE HAMPERS

Alcoholic Hamper Collection - Dog collection

Non-alcoholic Hamper Collection - Cat collection

Wine and Champagne Hampers Collection - Dog Halloween collection

Unique hampers for both pets and pawrents
>>> Curated by us, Discovered by you, Enjoyed by your pet <<<

Pamper your pets with a unique and boutique curated gift hamper for every special occasion.

Whether you are a Pet Lover or Pet Pawrents celebrating a new addition to the family or for your very own pampered pooch or kitten, we have what you are looking for.

Pet Hamper offers specially designed pet gift boxes through interactive toys and highest quality Australian made gourmet pet treats, food and wine.

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Best Pet Halloween gift, birthday gift, gift for parents, father's day, mother's day, gift for parent's birthday.

Shipping Australia wide

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  • +1

    Any bargains?

    • -1

      All bottle hampers 20% off :) Enjoy!

      A drink to you, treat & toy for your pet :) family time

  • +2

    Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic Pet Hamper

    Who gives alcohol to their pets?

    • +6

      My dog loves a long neck.

    • All bottle hampers 20% off :) Enjoy!

      A drink to you, treat & toy for your pet :) family time

      These are our popular hampers for events like Pawrents birthday, father's day, mother's day
      Sold corporate :)
      Gift for housewarming :)

      • +3

        A drink to you

        I already bought drinks from Dan Murphy.

        • +1

          Nice! Enjoy it

          • +5

            @tinaz: I can't, my dog drank it all.

            • @jv: U give your 🐕 alcohol

              • @HolyCr4p: No, she took it when I wasn't looking.

  • +4

    Those prices are just crazy !

    $152 for this hamper

    Includes a $59 bottle of plonk
    A $14 bag of doggy chips
    and a $8.50 chew toy:

    so about $70 profit? NICE ONE ! LOL,

    Plus $14.50 sendle shipping or $20 Aus Post…

    Do people actually buy these hampers? If so, I think I need to get into the pet hamper business…

    • I love my dog but good lord this is ridiculously overpriced even with 20% off

  • +1

    I'm resisting the urge to neg you for using the word "pawrents".

    • exactly! so cringe

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