BlitzWolf BW-FWC9 3-in-1 15W Magnetic Wireless Charger US$15.05 (~A$20.80) Delivered @ Banggood


A new magnetic wireless charger from BlitzWolf that can charge a phone and Apple Airpods on the front, while on the back it can charge an iWatch. It supports 15W, 10W, 7.5W and 5W charging making it compatible with a wide range of Qi-enabled devices.

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    Order now in time for Christmas 2022?

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    Even though the max output is 15w, if you're buying this to use with your iPhone 12 or 13, the max output will likely be 7.5w.

    The only ones that charges with 15w are Apple's own magsafe, Belkin's and a few of other Apple approved brands.

    • That's what I thought as well but the FAQ in the listing from the seller states that it does 15w

      • +1

        If you look at the third picture. On the puck itself, it literally says .. 'Output: 10W (Max)' and in saying that, it likely wont output even that.

        The people answering the FAQ probably don't actually knows the spec of the product. Just regurgitating what they see on the product info page.

      • +1

        I'm sure it's just not understood properly. Other phones can do 15w charging but iPhones have specifically blocked it for safety/reliability reasons (read: milk more money out of people who already bought an overpriced iPhone).

        • Also, my 15w samsung wireless charger has a fan built into it so idk if they just went overboard but this design doesn't seem like it will be able to do 15w for long, probably starts at 15w (on compatible devices), then hits its thermal limit and drops to 10w (maybe even lower to cool down quicker without burning out or burning a hole through your phone)

  • Negging for what appears to be misleading product description.

    States that it is a 15W wireless charger, however product image clearly shows that max output is 10W.

    To be clear though, for 20 bucks, this is definitely worth it. As long as you know that it'll likely charge at 7.5w as most third party QI chargers can only charge up to that speed with iPhones. Especially ones around this price.

    • +4

      No you've completely misunderstood the product. So the front side (or top side) with no writing is magnetic and that has a max output of 15W since that's for charging phones. The rear side (or reverse side) is for the Apple Airpods (notice the bump? no phone can charge off that) and Airpords only support up to 10W.

      Not misleading at all. Perhaps not made clear enough. It's literally two different Qi wireless charging pads stacked on either end.

      • Ahhh okay, gotcha. So both sides are for different purposes.

        I'm still fairly sure that the max output is 10W. On their website it clearly states also that max output is 10W.

        If one side does 10W and the other side is capable of 15W, it would absolutely make no sense for them to print and call out 10W on the product and in the specification but not 15W as well.

        It also makes no sense that the side for Apple Watch and Airpods would support 10W. I remember reading that those two device will take at most 3-5W.

        • +4

          Its possible its 10W on the main side and 5W on apple watch side, hence where the 15W comes from.

          • @ATangk: Yeah most likely, but its quite misleading cause a lot of people will be buying this under the premise that it outputs 15w.

            Again, for the price its definitely good, just misleading imo.

            • @buckethat: Kinda the issue with wireless things, they're never as good when theyre cheap. But a $1 cable will charge as good as an oem cable if the power brick is good.

      • +1

        The rear side is to charge the Watch only, not Airpods.

        • Ah my mistake lol

  • If you have one of those magnetic metal plate for car holder on your phone, these won't work.

  • off the topic, how do you get coupon codes for stuff on Banggood.

    • Scrape coupons from their API and other sources.

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    As always.. Use a burner email because the unsubscribe button at Banggood translates to “spam me forever”

  • Anything under 20w will not have that circle charging icon. This is very misleading!

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    I have paid $8 extra for express shipping and they told me that it will come before 06.10.21 but got the email today and they mentioned that estimated arrival on 12.10.21.
    I can understand that most of the things we are getting from china but these chinese companies always try to fool us.

    • It's because they use Aramex a lot lol. Useless!

  • So these are obviously designed for iphone 12/13 etc but would it be difficult to get this to charge my Iphone X? As in, would I have to balance this directly on the centre of the back to get the charge?

    • +1

      You can get a pack of the circle magnets from Mophie for $20 to convert non Magsafe iphones to work. It’ll have a guide for where to stick them.

      • oh that's clever, cheers!!

  • Do you mean Apple Watch?

    • Sure.

  • -1

    I fried my iPhone battery with one of these knockoffs

    • With this specific model? I thought it was a power bank?

      • After doing some research I’m pretty sure it was the the MagSafe knockoff charger. Other people experienced the same issue
        It seems like the issue was resolved after an iOS update. I doubt it and I’m not going to test it

        • What brand/model was your Magsafe charger? It would be good to know.

          • @Clear: Choetech. Pretty sure they had a major problem with many customers getting issues because they just refunded my purchase with no question asked

            • +1

              @Nedkellyinthebush: Well shit, I have an old Choetech wireless charger I used on my old iPhone and was going to start using it on my new iPhone 13. Thanks for the warning, putting that back in the drawer.. or possibly the bin.

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    Buy this $20 charger for your $1,500 phone that doesn't come with a charger or earphones (but does come with a "state-of-the-art" usb 2.0 proprietary cable) although the ipad mini with celullar comes with the same chip and type C port, actually comes with a 20W type c charger, and cost 38% less.