IKEA Kitchen - Good Value or Look Elsewhere?

About to Reno my kitchen and IKEA appear to be somewhat of a bargain!!.. But are they worth the price? I’ve heard whispers that the cabinetry is a bit flimsy, but nothing concrete.

Does anyone have (or has anyone had) an IKEA kitchen and if so, what did you think?

Can anyone make a recommendation?

Thanks all!

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  • IWMO for an investment like that I'd wanna see it in person rather than takin the word of others… their idea of flimsy maybe different to yours.

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      What's iwmo?

      • Im My Worthless Opinion … :)

        • Couldn't for the life of me figure it out and google had nothing.
          I was going with 'I would x x'

        • Please don't create new acronyms.

          ICYMI is bad enough.

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    I've done 1 kitchen with bunnings and 3 kitchen with IKEA. My preference is with IKEA. Their quality is actually good and they have 25 years warranty. After sales was easy to deal with, the design software is spot on, and the delivery fee is reasonable. The oldest one is 4 years old and so far I have 0 complaint.

    I don't find the IKEA one to be flimsy at all, in fact bunnings one seems to be flimsier than IKEA. The hinges and sliders are soft close one and seems to use good quality materials.

    One catch with ikea is that you need to follow IKEA way ( ie read the manual). So many trades just think they know what they doing and butchered the installation.

    • I second the IKEA kitchens. Did one 5 years back. Very solid.

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      I third the IKEA kitchen. I'm incredibly impressed with the engineering behind the hinges and sliding rails.

      IKEA mass produce these cabinets to predefined measurements. You measure your kitchen and then decide what combination of cabinets you want to fit in there. You can then decide what front panels to use for aesthetics.

      You'll be hard pressed to find anything close for the money. IKEA have mastered the mass production of cabinetry.

      I can't comment on their benchtop's or appliances.

  • We used an IKEA kitchen when we did a reno.
    Its been about 20 years and still going strong - however the counter-top was the weak point and probably should be replaced.

  • Out of curiosity how much does an IKEA kitchen cost roughly (.. your one anyway)

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      We got quoted roughly $14k for quite a large kitchen with lights on cabinets, soft close drawers with appliances included.

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        That does sound like tremendous value!
        (albeit coming from someone who has never come close to a kitchen Reno)

      • Was that price for installed via a third party?

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    I've used IKEA before too - the cabinets are a little flimsy during construction (eg, top rails and wall mounts are thin steel rather than wood) but once they're bolted together properly, you wouldn't know. Just follow the instructions to the tee, and understand there's no flexibility to try your own installation method.

    A small catch for me was that the IKEA cabinets are a different size to Aussie standards… You can't mix and match cabinets and benchtops with other off the shelf products (and I'm assuming the doors are the same).

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    We did out IKEA kitchen about 10 years back. We are now rebuilding our home. The IKEA kitchen I sold for $1000. With the new build I am really not happy with the builders Kitchen supplier. I have less choice than IKEA, and everything is some much more expensive.
    I still like my original IKEA better. It is really value for money.

    • We visited display homes from volume builders ( porter davies / metricon / carlise etc ) and find that their kitchen is not as good as IKEA

  • how much is ikea charging for standard kitchen cabinets and doors top and bottom these days?

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    I installed an Ikea Kitchen in my house about 6 years ago now. Its the first time I did any major reno work in the house since I had it built in 1984, consequently it NEEDED it. But i did EVERYTHING except the termination of electrical work as you need a qualified sparky.

    At first I was apprehensive as its no small task so I got quotes from several kitchen builders in the area which averaged out about $40k with cheap (my definition) appliances, for what I thought was a very basic galley kitchen. The sticker shock caused me to research other options and I asked several people who did their own. After going to Ikea 3-4 times, I was impressed at the variety, build quality, finishings and vast amount of options I had at my disposal. I decided to go ahead with the Ikea Kitchen.

    The designing was made so simple with their online tools and the assistance I got from their QA staff was superb !

    I ordered about $11k worth of cabinetry/tapware/sink/exhaust which arrived in approx 90 boxes. I also ordered BOSCH oven and cooktop as well as a new French Door fridge and Miele dishwasher. TOTAL cost of everything including a STONE bench top, and sparky to install electrical points and appliances … <$20k

    It took me 3 weeks to demolish, cut slate to allow for bigger cabinets, assemble and install all the cabinets (wall and floor). Waited a further week for the stone bench top to be installed and glass splash-back .. and viola !

    It was a very satisfying experience but had its challenges of course, hence the 3 weeks. BUT I am SOOOO happy with the result. All the soft closing drawers still work as new PLUS I installed led lighting in drawers and cupboards (why i love Ikea as you have these options), partitions in drawers, etc etc. I got a much higher quality of cabinets and options, first class appliances and the satisfaction of knowing no corners were cut in terms of finish.

    I highly recommend IKEA.

    Footnote: .. My brother installed a Bunnings small kitchen and was disappointed in the result after he saw mine .. quality, finish and options were not the same according to him.

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    When we bought our house it had an IKEA kitchen in it from the 70s. I know it was from the 70s because IKEA produced a booklet showing IKEA designs through the decades, and I found our kitchen cabinets from the 70s design.

    Anyway, we updated it with new benchtops and tiles, but we have kept all the cabinets including the doors because they were all still solid. We painted the cabinet doors and changed the handles with new IKEA handles. The new IKEA handles still fit perfectly. They had also kept all the modular sizes the same (that may have changed now), so we were also able to add some extra bits and pieces. It looked like a new kitchen by the time we were finished.

    So that's a 50 year old IKEA kitchen still going strong.

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    Have done 1 cabinet maker, 1 kaboodle bunnings and 8 ikea kitchens. Ikea has been our choice and are excellent quality and if anything does go wrong ikea warranties are hard to beat. Go for it.