How to Protect Car Vinyl or Plastic Strips?

Hi All,
I just found out my car’s black protectors near the windshield is coming off and it’s looking ugly. I really don’t know what you call them in the first place but some searches online could be vinyl.
Here’s the pictures

Could you please let me know what they are called ?
How can this be fixed economically? And how to I protect the rest of this black strip which runs from the bottom of the windshield to the top roof of the car around to the rear end of the back of the car.


  • What model car is it? You can try and reach out to a dealer for guidance otherwise if old then maybe search for custom external body trim companies to see if they can help. eg.

  • It's a Merc!
    Looks like a C class - +/- 2011-2018 model.

    I've had the same happen on my last GLC Coupe around the rear 1/4 windows. The car has the night pack. The black paint flaked off on both sides.

    My new/current is ok… for the time being…

    Not much of a way to protect - it just happens as part of wear and tear and from the weather.
    I don't believe the strips to be overly expensive - few hundred bucks for the set, from memory.

    You could also look to just repaint them yourself (prep properly). Or get someone to wrap them for you.
    Another option, next time you have a replacement windscreen, ask the glass company to add a set to the quote as part of the replacement and send the insurance company the bill as part of the cover.

    • Is this is going to be part of the windshield don’t think so? I had my front glass replaced and my dealer would itemise everything so no way to dodge this from the insurance company.
      How much did Mercedes charge you to paint the strip all the way on both sides ?

      The more I wash the car the quicker they are flaking off.

      • They didn't they were replaced under warranty! :)

        Give Mosman (Dan) or Artarmon (Marty) service department a call and see how much the replacement strips are.

        they are both pretty busy most of the time, so anyone in the 'parts' department should be able to help out. Ask the parts guy's if they can help with any discounts and/or trade pricing (if possible).

  • Thanks a lot. If I take this to a dealer how much do you reckon they will charge me ? How do I explain this over the phone to them ? Is it painted strip or it’s a sticker ?

    I can see the rubber on my window is getting discoloured due to the Sun. How do I bring the colour back and protect ?

    During summer it’s going to be so hot not sure how to safe guard these things.

    • +3

      The dealer won't paint - they will just remove and replace.

      If you want a panel shop to do it - go to Autotech in Artarmon.

      Or, for a small shop job, i'd just get Ali from Load of the Dings in Brookvale to fix it up. He is usually pretty busy, but would be able to repaint them for you.
      If you call Ali or go see him, name drop 'Micky with the Merc' if you like. He has done a few small things for me and always been fine and reasonable price. But totally up to you…

      You could always remove them, tape them up and use some panel paint from Supercheap or Repco also (if you trust yourself).

      Good luck whatever you do!

      • Thanks a lot mate. I live in the Mascot/ Tempe side and just checked the two places above. It’s almost 50 mins drive.

        Could you please recommend any good shop around my place ? I rechecked my car today only the front two spots near the windscreen seems to be flaking off as per the pictures above. The rest is fine.
        I was thinking of hand painting them or taping it. What do reckon I should do without ruining the beauty of the car ?

        • Sorry, the only place I know on the south side is the guys at Perfect Auto Body in Alexandria. But they will cost you a lot for a small job, or recommend that you just rip and replace.

          If you are skilled enough, you want to be removed, then prep by want of prob using a super fine wet and dry paper, then spray paint.

          But if you are not confident, id either not worry, or get someone else to sort out it. Again, either a dealer for new parts, maybe a wrecker (google is your friend), or one of the other places I mentioned once lockdown is over.

          Good luck!

          • @mickyb80: Thank you so much mate. If the place you recommended was nearby I would drive there. Alexandria is nearby but would be good to find something in Tempe. I’m sure there are body and paint shops but need to find someone who will not rip me off and care for.

            Could you please let me know if this issue I have is called “roof trim “ ? I seriously don’t know the name of this part of the car.

            Also another topic do you service your car at the Mercedes dealership? My car is out of warranty no point with dealership for me.

            • @justanick: Google: mercedes c class windscreen trim

              Roof is the black part running down either side of the roof, including the roof rack attachment section.

              I go to my dealership - Northshore Artarmon. Only let 2 or 3 guys touch my cars. The MY21 GLC Coupe, and the old banger 97 C200. Always send both there and have been getting all my Mercs services there since my first in 2010 (Mosman service department at that time).

              • @mickyb80: I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for taking the time to help me and educate me. I love my car and try to keep it neat and clean. My service B is due in Jan and I’ll take it to the dealership.

                Not sure if you would know - how do you look after the black rubber trims on the window and wipers as the sun is making them lose the colour ?

                • +1

                  @justanick: no prob.
                  re. black rubber - without being a (profanity) or arrogant (well no more than usual). I've not kept onto a car long enough to worry about the black. My 97 C200 is covered in bird 💩, dents, and the rubber on the wipers isn't great, but she purrs like a kitten and is prob smoother than the AMG. lol. Prob some discolouration on this, but I'd not know.

                  If you are worried, perhaps look at Mothers Back To Black. You can grab it from Repco, supercheap etc.