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Sothing Smart Heated Mouse Pad US$20.55 / A$28.34 Delivered (Save US$2) @ Xiao_mi Global Store via AliExpress


▪ Carbon crystal heating film, the whole heating design.

▪ 10 seconds rapid heating, rapid heating.
▪ 3 levels of temperature, constant constant temperature.
▪ Turn on for 4h, and turn off regularly.
▪ Every 1h, sedentary reminder.
▪ It's a table warmer and a mouse pad.
▪ Reject electromagnetic interference, the mouse is flexible and not stuck.
▪ Thick PU, waterproof and anti-leakage.

  1. Non-slip bottom surface: cross-grain non-slip material, not easy to shift.
  2. Touch switch: After power on, touch the switch, the centre circle position, switch gears.
  3. Pluggable connector: unplug the plug, it will become a normal mouse pad in seconds.
    Product colour: Red/Green

Product power: 80W

Input voltage: 220V-50Hz

Product weight: 340g

Product size: 330x 800mm
1 x Sothing table warming mat

1 x Cable

1 x User Manual

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  • Is this product approved for use in Australia?

  • +7

    why is this a product

    • +2

      It so you don't get pinned for animal cruelty when your mouse gets cold……

  • Does it come with rgb and heater for my room as well?

    • get a girl friend she will do all those

      • +1

        what does rgb stand for in this case?

        • +1

          Different coloured clothing, jewellery or hair

  • +2

    Sedentary reminder - would be more useful if it just turned the temp up to 11 to "encourage" you to stop using computer

  • Imagine the palm sweat after using one of these.

  • +3

    It's better to use as feet warmer lol

    • Or a seat warmer :p

      • Take it easy on the hard boiled eggs

  • +1

    Like in the photo, putting a notebook over this heated mat is asking for trouble.

  • +1

    US plug; additional cost (unless you already have a spare converter)

  • I can use it to thaw my frozen meat

  • +1

    The first mousepad to emit magic smoke

  • Sounds like a good way to set your house on fire

  • " Every 1h, sedentary reminder"
    I don't need this kind of abusive relationship with my mouse.