The Calm Workbook by The School of Life - $16 (RRP $29.99) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Big W / Kmart


Because my last School of Life post expired soon after posting, thought I'd put this one up. To re-emphasise from that post, School of Life products rarely drop much below RRP and are quite uncommon sights at bookstore chains in Australia.

The Calm Workbook is a workbook with activities and essays designed to broaden your mind to understand a lot of philosophical and psychological ideas centred around becoming calmer in the day-to-day.

This is not your typical "self help" or "positive affirmation" book. It can get a little personal and potentially dark if you've been living a life under the guises of optimism and Romanticism, but is good nonetheless.

I finished my book in 5 days and have given several copies away to friends. Highly recommended - especially if you're in a lockdown or are in need or some understanding of yourself.

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Product Description
Most of us long to be a little calmer: too many of our days are lost to agitation and worry, stress and discord. Yet we know that we are at our best when we can manage not to panic and take challenges in our stride.

Fortunately, a calm state of mind is not a divine gift. Even those of us starting from a more agitated position can systematically understand and lay claim to it. Too many books on this subject simply explain what it would be like to be calm. This is a workbook that takes us through the practical steps required to actually become calm. It is filled with exercises and prompts that deliver the self-understanding and self-compassion on which true serenity depends. Furthermore, the book invites us to build calming routines into our daily lives so that what we learn can stick with us and change us for the long term.
Based on years of The School of Life's work in the area of anxiety and calm, this is a landmark workbook guaranteed to bring about the calmer state of mind we long for and deserve.

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    understand a lot of philosophical and psychological ideas centred around becoming calmer in the day-to-day.

    Good deal for Tradies and Construction workers…

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      There's some sort of poor joke in there, but simply put:

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        You're obviously not in VIC.

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          Protests, violence, etc

          Are we meant to act surprised?

        • Or most places tbh

  • Kmart sells The Calm Workbook: Homework For Serenity and BigW sells The Calm Workbook: A guide to greater serenity. Are they two different books? I bought the Kmart version for C&C thinking I bought the Guide to greater serenity version. Oops!

    • I'm pretty sure they're the same book.

      • I hope so :)

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      Both will give you serenity now.

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    If you have ebay plus free delivery from Big W ebay

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      Looks like an awesome book

  • Also thanks OP !

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      No problem
      Hope you can find some value in it