ASICS Men's & Women's Gel-Kayano 26 Running Shoes $119.99 + Shipping ($0 with Kogan First) @ Kogan


ASICS Men’s and Women's Gel-Kayano 26 Lite-Show Running Shoes are designed for dedicated runners who don’t let dark nights or bad weather disrupt their training. Thanks to reflective detailing, you’ll stay visible on any dark road.

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  • Anyone used these shoes? Any comments on it's comfort, sizing, etc.?

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      Yes, stability neutral with mild pronation control. Comfort is ok, lower density but firm enough for daily wear and cross training. Sizing is on the smaller scale. Probably go half a size bigger than your street size.

      This model has been superseded though.

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      On my second pair of Kayano's and they are just solid.

      Best runner's I've ever had. The heel lock makes your foot really secure.

      • I tried these and the 25s within the last year for general exercise use, because they are highly rated. My previous/current pair of Asics have what I would describe as a 'heel-lock' because they hug my feet like a sock and never come off. I didn't have that experience with these, one of my feet kept coming out of the heel, so I returned them.
        BUT, the price was higher than this. Great bloody price. Worth the risk. I don't know what I did wrong, because no one else complained of their heel almost slipping out of the shoe.

        I have wide feet, and was not able to get my hands on a wide pair of shoes, so I had to compensate by going to a slightly higher size. But then again my current pair are the same, just a different and obsolete style that I want a replacement for(Asics Gel-Super J33 2 Shoes.)

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      2 year old model. Quite popular for people needing some mild arch support. Quite comfortable. I just bought the 28's. Good shoe.

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      I used to run religiously in Kayanos, now I’ve discovered Brooks.

      Kayanos use old technology and haven’t been updated in yonks. New versions are just minor tweaks.

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    no sizes above 11 US mens :/

  • Note that it's a 'presale'. Ship Nov 10

  • Good shoes
    Good price

    Paying more than this for these and you're being taken for a ride

  • Wonderful OP, thanks for this, I have been waiting for a while. Just used my last of my $500 credit on this.

  • Good timing. Just started on a new pair and was looking to get another pair for the next replacement.

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    Are these good for walking ? My son walks about an hour home after school and I want to get him some ASICS to comfort his feet. I know ASICS is a comfortable show to wear for stuff like this plus his daily activities on-top of that

    • Yes

    • definitely are. i don't run but find my kayanos are great for walks and even just doing shopping. keep in mind though that for the comfort, support and good grip, they do wear out rather quickly so have two pairs on rotation

    • Kayano and the GT-1000/2000/3000 shoes are all good to assist feet with a tendency to pronation. My children and I all have flat feet and had the Asics recommended to us by a podiatrist. The Ascent range of shoes are also good from The Athletes Foot.

      Personally I have found GT range to be longer lasting than Kayano for walking/general use. The Kayano is optimised for running and use lighter materials and don't last as well, YMMV

      Edit: at this price they are a bargain

  • I love that Kogan has products for VLSI design when searching for Asics.