[SOLVED] Sold a Car 12 Months Ago, Have Been Paying Tolls Ever since (without Noticing). Has This Happened to Anyone ?

Has this ever happened to anyone.

I've paid 190 odd dollars worth of the buyers tolls. The car is from NSW, and the toll pass provider is Linkt.

Any advice ?

And yes, before you say it I have removed the plate from my account.

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    sorted, linkt refunded me as a courtesy.

    I now love linkt.

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      Don't love them, just hate them a tiny bit less, for a little while.

      • Speaking of, I hate e-toll. $40 for the tag, $40 for the balance and another surprise $40 since the min balance is $40. Bastards

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          Lucky country, gotta pay $7 to drive 20kays on a two lane road that should have been built and paid for 5 decades ago.

          In some countries big corps have to bend over for the government and / or the good of the populace; not here.

    • Well done, I've been trying to get a new tag clip out of them since April.

    • OP, congratulations on your refund. Did they say why you were still getting charged for a year despite you removing the plates from your account? Or did you just remove the plates from your account after noticing that you have been paying for tolls all this time?

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    Call Linkt.

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      yeah I'm in the phone to them now. They're useless, the operator keeps telling me I need to speak with RMS. I've asked to speak with supervisor now so waiting for a decent answer.

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        It's your fault, no-one else's.
        There is an account that has your old plate attached to it.
        That account is paying the bills.
        You can really only chase the new owner for the bills.
        Nothing to do with Linkt, which is a company, correctly applying tolls to an account with a rego attached……
        Just saying

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          your advice was incorrect and invalid, but have a nice day anyway.

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          Well, OP should have a notice of disposal for the car so can prove it wasn't them incurring the tolls. The buyer appears to be a jackass for not setting up their own toll.

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    Just when I thought ozbargain forums could no longer stun me.

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    LOL! you couldn't even wait to get off the phone before you created a whinge thread?

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      i created the thread for people just like you. Glad you enjoyed it.

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        It would've been more interesting if they told you to travel 12 months back in time to do the obvious and de-register the plate from your account when you sold the car.

  • If you have a Linkt tag and time travel back in a Delorean on a Toll Road do you make money? lol

  • Wow. You are lucky. I went through a similar situation but Linkt wanted to charge me a fee for reporting the tag as lost or stolen and they wouldn't block further charges on the tag until I paid the fee.