Headphones/Headset - Hearing Footsteps

Looking at getting a headset for gaming predominantly whenever i go back to playing Rust and for currently ill be using them really only for New World - Aoe4 - Valheim - LoL

Looked at what a few streamers use and the - Audio Technica ATH-M50x Monitor Over-Ear Headphones seem quite highly rated for what im looking for and a few streamers use them that play Rust.

Im looking for anything $0-$250 ($300max)
I have a mod mic & boom mic so i dont really need a mic headset but it doesnt bother me if it does.

Note: I currently use Sanheisser 58x Jubiliee w/mod mic ( Which arnt too bad but theyre open back so that could be my entire problem hearing low noises due to outside factors)

Note: I also currently use a fiiO dac/amp


  • mate did you play AoE4 open beta ? missed it

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      was that a thing? damn i didnt even know about it, do you know if the game is looking promising (since you seem to be in the know lol)

      • just found out that which was on sep15 weekend, have a look at here

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    I also currently use a fiiO dac/amp

    lol falling for the DAC meme and not getting a $2 realtek chip

    It sounds like you should get a hearing test if you can't hear footsteps.

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    i dont recommend the m50x, for hearing footsteps you dont want a bass-heavy set of headphones, something sharp like the dt990 would be better (but that is open back)
    so the m40x would be better if you need closed-back as it is more neutral, but that has the problem of being very uncomfortable for most due to the tiny stock pads

    overall great studio headphones wont matter much for hearing footsteps, they might change things like soundstage and immersion but for footsteps it doesnt really matter if you have a cheap gaming headset that performs decently or a pair of sennheisers, their differences will be in other areas

    • Seconded. I would even say the m30x is a good choice on the cheaper end: Especially for those higher ends (great for hearing the crunch of gravel/grass)

      I think the HD 58X OP has are great anyway, might just need some tweaking in software mixer to bring those highs up. It's boring I know, but bass isolation isn't really the thing you want when you're trying to hear footsteps.

      • any recommendations on how to set them up properly? no idea how to do that.

        • Does your FiOO dac/amp have any software bundled with it that lets you EQ your sound? If not you can use free audio routing software such as Voicemeter to act as a virtual interface/filter for your system audio, which will let you raise and lower bass/mid/treble frequencies before sending it out to your FiiO or different interface (assuming it's through USB)

          Keep in mind this can add extra latency in the process depending on your hardware, and I hear some of the FiiO gear adds anywhere from 1-3 frames worth of audio latency already, so grain of salt. But there's plenty of great video resources on Youtube which explain how to set all that up.

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